Etikettarkiv: Covid-19

Most of them open now

Most of the restaurants and bars around here is now open, and next weekend Macron will make a speech again on the next steps in the opening of Paris. Let us guess, the last steps and we supposed to go back to normal.

So why not this weekend? Its election and he won’t dare to stir that pot and maybe say something that can make his candidates even more without a chance.

But, as said most places now open in around here, but not my favorite one, Scares me a bit cause we do not know why… Closed forever? Will open later? On sale (oh if I had the money)? I have seen people in there cleaning, but that was like four weeks ago… And now, nothing. So when and if will Championnet open?

Now I have two days in office in front of me, give me a Good Luck.


A step back to Corona life

Two countries, and two different happenings this week. Switzerland about th tell the world that Corona is completely gone from the country and Portugal must take one step back and go close down some parts of the country again. And here in France we wait for the decision bz Macron on opening up.

I guess the next info in France will be no more work from home, and me I will wait for the decision by my doctor on Monday. Cause I am still not scared to be in the office, even if I don’t want to work with parents now when schools opened up. But it’s still the commute that stress me out, cause it is obvious that people travel by Ligne 13 not the sharpest knifes. Lack of distance and masks is alarming on that Metro line.

And that said no I have not been out more than necessary even if I am allowed now to do so. No Restaurants, no bars just one visit to FNAC no interaction with people.

So, no social life and no colleagues with kids around me please…


Conference week

We have a conference going on at work, and its on line. So the desk, the picture: desk during corona, will wait until Wednesday, but it was a nice day today actually. Even if I had o chance to shop anything to eat so after I closed the computer I needed to find a mix of things to eat, A bit of this, a sandwich and a bit of that.

So tomorrow home work again and as said above office from Wednesday.

oh forgot, I have a new kidney stone, so the first hours today was a nightmare, then the pain kind of came and went away again. But I must buy more water tomorrow so I can drink, drink, drink….



Picture screen dump from France24 direct during Macrons speech.

So, the Presidents speech to the nation today sounded more like an election speech to save his Mayor candidates on the 28th of June when France vote for the Mayor seats. Not much on the rules for normal people, starting next week.

First to hold a speech on Sunday saying that we are supposed to go back to work from Monday is not well prepared, it’s stupid. People do not prepare for going to work and school opening in 10 hours.

But good to hear that the globalist Macron promised to not take down historical monuments and that the French must support the police.

Then why he had to speak about the green movement and save the environment is for me a mystery, not what the people want to know right now.

Me, who already have OK to work from home Monday and Tuesday will do so, and then we will see. I have to plan a medical visit and see what my doctor say how I shall continue my life now when Paris is supposed to be open as normal from tomorrow.

Let´s see


Results in

So, today I got the results of the Covid-19, SARS test and I don’t have Corona now, and maybe a bit of a dissapointment no antibodies… So I have never had it. Some antibodies would have been nice though. Now it means I can still catch it if not careful.

As said before I am not so scared for myself really, but all these steps taken to stop the virus is more for others. You ware a mask to protect your friends, wash your hands to protect people around you. Think about it.


So, I´m tested

I am finally tested, Covid, both the “Do I have Covid now” test and the “Have I already had Covid” test. No answer yet though, will be soon hopefully, cause you can’t void being curious… And if it turn out I have already had it… I will be very surprised and ask myself both “when” and “what is the hysteria all about?”

But going to test I finally visited the office again, seeing people, too many people, in the open space… Don´t know if that is a good thing to know but I will push for working from home as long as it is possible.

Take care


Finally some good news

Today the French PM, Edouard Philippe and the French Health minister Olivier Véran spoke to the nation on the next steps of opening up France and Parks and Restaurants will open up again. You can find the speeches here

In Paris we can go to the parks again as well as to Cafés and Restaurants, only outside tables in Paris though for now. Bars can open but no drinking at the counter.

This means that the weekend after the one we have in front of us will be a weekend I will for sure stay home, cause it will be a nightmare out. Just to find a place with a free table will most likely be a nightmare and crowded streets of Paris citizens walking around, finally FREE. But there is finally light in the tunnel.

It seems like the borders will open as well, and even if they said some EU countries need reciprocal agreements, cause they stop French people to travel in there it was nothing about Sweden. So maybe France won’t exclude Sweden. And if not it’s only cause the French Government don’t want to do anything not in the EU spirit. Not so sure the people is as thrilled though.

But, France opening up…. Lovely.

Now we will see how work reacts and how they will open up for all of us, and when the work from home will change from 50% of the staff to 0% working from home.

Take care


Another amazing summer day

Yes, again, nice weather, it smells summer… am sure you know the that smell, when you open a window and warm air enter the room with a smell. And here we are, still, no plan to go anywhere beside back to work and the offices. Not abroad, not to a park or café – but I can buy a plastic chair or a new cutlery box, TV or why not a new phone?

Life is not fun and in my old home country, Sweden, people can move more or less free and get upset over the fact that there are countries backing them from travel this summer… So far Norway, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus and most likely Greece – I guess there will be more if not the very upset foreign ministers call for racism agains Swedes and that it is against the EU rules to exclude a EU country.

But I am not so sure that France, if their Covid figures go down after weeks of lock down want to share streets, beaches and restaurants with Swedes and the never ending Corona pandemic in Sweden. Most death per capita in the world together with Belgium. Congratulations.

At the end we don’t know, did Sweden do it right? Or the countries who locked down? The answer will come when we have a vaccine and maybe a year after that.

Strange world


So, new on “going back to work”

Monday, actually more or less full day emailing. We notice that Customers are going back to work – and that they all forgot everything in a few weeks.

My candy, posted from Stockholm 14th of April also arrived today, long wait for 1 hour of enjoyment.

Ahlgrens Bilar Original

So, what’s new on the return to work front then. I will work from home next week (Monday is the last Holiday in the calendar for a long time) and then the week after I will work Monday to Wednesday at the office and Thursday and Friday from home.

After that we will see..

But fun, no facts check, the world learning languages from DuoLingo, and there are statistics on the most popular language to learn, country by country. I don’t say Sweden have to many immigrants but….????

Take care