Etikettarkiv: Covid-19

Oh no!

Yesterday, on TT (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå ) the following catched my eye, “The Netherlands prolong their lock down until 1st of June”. Taste that my friends, 1st of June 2020. It’s March right now, I have been under lock down for 1 week today and I go crazy.

I repeat that normally I don’t do much. I don’t go out and eat every day, walk in the parks, happenings etc so this is kind of normal. But just to know you can’t do it makes it much worse.

Eurovision been cancelled 2020 and now the Olympics will be postponed, ALL the god things with 2020 is not officially gone. And let me remind you that we said that 2019 was a bad bad year, and in January we said that 2020 will be better. New friends, really try to learn French, maybe even a date or two… 2020 will for sure be worse than 2019, this is something I won’t forget.

And my almost three weeks of vacation I have from 2019, planned for May will most likely stay in the vacation account but for sure i will go for it when we can, all three weeks, only sand, sea and sun and get totally burned…


What? fruit?

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I bought fruit. Looking into my book of what I bought since I moved to France this is the first time it happen… No Lie, I had fruit at the “Melodifestivalen” Party few years back, but apart from that no fruit what so ever.

So to save my face I bought Spanish Clementines (Nor Moroccan) and play that I do it for or friends in Spain in their moment of need. Can’t say I eat fruit…

Beside that the lock down, more lock in, keep on going and a new record of dead people in France so the 15 days will for sure be longer. And I find myself regretting Im not an alcoholic so I can drink wine all days and don’t give a… of staying in or work.

Unfortunately I’m not so just keep going and try to do the best in this situation. But I can see that things coming up. March, my 3 month dentist appointment, a must to continue the ongoing treatment seems to fly out the window. I am not even sure dentists still see patients…

And tonight I think I will listen to “Nisse Hult” or his real name, Stefan Löfvén, Swedish PM and see what he tell Sweden. So far my home country been very cool in the Corona times and I appreciate that but guess the Swedes will find themselves in look down too in a near future. Maybe not tonight, but in a week or two.

Until then, happy Swedes still able to go to a café or bar and meet with people.


Not even a week yet

So now we have been locked in for less than a week and I am not good at this, and its really stupid cause it’s not like I do much in a normal world – but now just knowing i can’t go out makes me going nuts.

So what happen so far? We work from home, so it’s really hard to relax when you sit at home looking at the computer and knowing you might be able to answer some more emails. I don’t like to make my home my working place. So to handle this I log out, hide the work computer and completely turn of the work phone.

But still, I don’t even care to use my private computer in the evenings cause it all of a sudden feels like work. It’s all in my head.

And the only thing I can watch is the court yard, see picture, and really…. Wish I had a street view. Maybe someone passes by now and then so the brain gets some stimuli?

Looking at the court yard picture I can share that yesterday someone took the balcony singing to a new level and window sang. So my message to the world right now is that please don’t if you can’t sing…


ESC 2020 Cancelled

I thought I would blog about how I sit at home and work, live and sleep caused by Corona but as you can see from the headline Corona also impact other things. For a majority of you all Eurovision is more or less unknown or something you might watch if you have nothing else to do on the nights of semifinals and the final. So this news is not a big thing and make perfect sense.

For me who watch the Eurovision, more or less, as the meaning to live this is HUGE…

I was 100% sure EBU would postpone the contest until August or September, or change the place of venue from a huge arena to a smaller one and broadcast without an audience, but to cancel never hit my mind really.

So this is a chock, something I don’t like at all and not only for me and all the Eurovision fans but also for the performers who now won’t be able to have their 3 minutes of fame. And I hope most of them will have a chance to return 2021 even if the song must change. I guess for all countries with internal selections this won’t be a problem. Both Spain and Ukraine have already announced that their artists will be in Eurovision 2021 (if they want).

But it is another thing for countries with a selection, I will get back to this in my blog posts the upcoming days.

In the meantime I will use the evenings, during this lock down in France, to watch old contests and actually use this time under Corona lock down to update my Eurovision Section on this website. With nothing else to do as long as we have to stay home it’s a golden opportunity.

But for now… I’m frankly pissed over the decision to cancel it completely. Now we just hope that Azerbaijan and Slovenia will release their songs on iTunes so at least all songs will be up for purchase. I think the rest already is there if only not all revamped version.

So, Corona, you finally knocked me down.