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Not again….

I know, I really do want to be able to update my webpage with fun, light news about living In Paris but now when we still locked in from 21h00 and work weekdays nothing really happens.

So some Corona stuff then… My fourth Covid test will take place on Tuesday next week, I feel OK and the new corona app have not warned me so far.

But looking at France, looking at the news from Spain today I must protest a bit…

Why can’t EU put the same rules in the whole Union for 3 months, I know travels are under a lot of pressure at the moment but please take a decision to not allow leisure travels between EU countries and let the countries decide on travels between their own regions. Exeptions deliveries only.

And outside EU, the country I don´t understand at all at the moment is Switzerland, maybe mostly cause we work a lot with Geneva. There is a 10 day quarantine for people in Paris traveling to Geneva, but at the same time people from our Geneva office visits the Paris office on a weekly basis. And both offices have recorded cases and plan for a huge meeting in Geneva the upcoming months.

Do you get it?

I dont


More mask, more time at home

So, then we got it. For at least 4 weeks, more likely 6 weeks we not allowed out here in Paris between 21h00 to 06h00 cause its obviously more dangerous to sit outside at a café than it is to enter a crowded Metro at 06h15

I am sorry, but I am sure more people get infected in the Metro 13 each day than having a beer at “Café Gitanes” 23h00 if you sit outside.

Also, theaters etc already change their time schedule to play 18h00 to 20h00, so same amount of people will meet.

This is crazy times.



Today, at 10h55, will Emperor Macron speak to the nation and beside the fact that his citizens expect him to talk more about Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Armenia the current Corona situation rains on his parade and now France expect at least something from him about he next steps for France.

Let us guess, he will most likely say something in the line of its a bad situation, The French need to follow the recommendations etc… Then in one or two days he will let the PM give the bad news, new restrictions. It is how he works.


Modern times

Modern times, a new lifestyle… Or?

To think that people will stop party is one of the most stupid ideas politicians adopt at the moment, and the max amount of people too meet at the same time.

Sport, must have the best lobby in the world. Country after country push for opening up sport arenas and sport events and manage to do so. 1000 in France at the moment, but at the same time a glass of wine at a café, outside, is marked with death. How much Covid viruses spread through a growling sports crowd (whom also attack streets and people if they loose the game), and how much from a crowd of 2,4,6 or 10 at a table will be discussed. Also how do covid spread when people been forced inside in a closed environment instead of sitting outside and wear a mask when moving around.

At the same time the crazy idea of open borders. EU should decide to close borders, all borders for two weeks, maybe longer and not leave this crazy change of rules to each country, and they change them based on different statistics. And even worse like France with a sandbox tactics, If you ban us we ban you, so open up for us we open up for you. Even if there is a wide spread infection risk. Why? Allow travels within the countries border but no cross border leisure/business travels for X amount of weeks.

Or, stop to give a fu** and let nature decide and take out the weak, at the end that is what will happen.

And don’t let me start on the French Governments take on home working!!!! Work as much as possible from home. But they as the employees, NOT force the employers. The result is that people must go in their offices, on crowded metros and buses. When those are needed for people who can’t work from home. 99% of all office staff can work from home with the technical solutions in place year 2020. This is just the result of the absurd hierarchy within the French offices. Further north in Europe home working no longer a big thing. It is normal.

So Olivier Véran, Élisabeth Borne and Macron, put the restrictions where people get infected not swing in blind.


ESC 2021

Picture from ESC

So it will be a Eurovision in 2021. The ESC team have worked on different scenarios and the fan base went crazy since a lot of them think this could have been done for this year instead of cancel the contest 2020.

But it is a bit disturbing to find they prepare for a lockdown scenario in May 2021, like no opening up from Covid ever will happen. I mean at one point, even if it is a disturbing thought, we must open up with or without Covid.

With that we come to the chaos is France, or mainly Marseille. They are not at least happy about the lockdown there and I guess since we are in France it will be protests this weekend.

I also think the new rules for Paris is not well thought through, cause they make no sense to people on the street, and not very well presented. To close bars, Cafès and Restaurant at 22h00 and “force” people to go home and have the parties in a closed space instead of outdoors is actually as stupid as it sounds.

Close inside spaces but let people sit outside (as it was in the last weeks of the close down), safer for sure than 20 pax in a Paris studio.

The group with the best lobbyists seems to be Sport. Cause the most important thing for many governments at the moment is to make sport events go on, so 1000 drunk football fans is not a risk for the spread of Covid. And not only football, the more money it is in the sport the easier it is for them to continue with their activities. Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Basket etc.

I also like to make a note to the Mayor of Paris, she is not happy to close Restaurants and Bars at 22h00, sit outside a cafè is all of a sudden a “Way of French lifestyle”. Like she completely forgotten her support to ban heaters outside bars, Cafès and Restaurants so people can’t sit outside from late October to early May. If they don’t want to catch a cold virus…

So this is our life the upcoming months.


More restrictions to come

It will be more restrictions in Paris based on the Corona virus, LINK, but will it be the right one?

I do not believe for a second that less people will be infected in groups of 1000 than 5000, no alcohol after 20h00 – when most people must crowd up in public transports to get too and from work.

If anything, and I said it before, leave the Metro and buses to people in need of going to work cause they have no chance to work from home and all others should work from home, not like now when offices force their staff back even if they can work perfectly well from their homes. They done it without a problem since March up until May – June.

I say this the last day home working for this week, and its not in the office its unsafe, its going there and back, so lets see what Olivier Vèran comes up with, it’s not enough to be pretty you see.


When things don´t go the way you want

We are all different, and we all have our positive sides and negative sides and one of mine, on the negative side, is that when things don’t go the way I want I loose interest very very fast.

So, I had a +0,4 kg day after weeks of minimum -1 kg, so when people have given you the normal “You gain muscle they weight more than fat” speeches I ended up with a weekend eating. Also with gym of course but way out of diet restrictions.

All of a sudden the -10 again feels like utopia. And can people work out later in the day so I don’t have to go up so fun**** early to avoid a crowd?

Why avoid people? Todays Covid news link


Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie, my without a doubt favorite mystery writer, wrote the original “Death of the Nile” in 1937 and is one of her best stories as well as an amazing film with Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot. The French… Oh I am so sorry, the Belgian detective. And now a second film is on it’s way signed Kenneth Branagh whom also made the new “Murder on the Orient express” a few years ago, also based on a book by Agatha Christie.

“Death on the Nile” is also one of my favorite films so I am a bit scared over the new one coming up, but I must say Branagh did a good job on the “Orient Express” film.

But for me it is a mystery that he kind of follow the stream of Christie films already made, and if so the next will be “The mirror cracked” impossible to be better than the film with Elisabeth Taylor.

A book, not yet made for the big screen is “They came to Baghdad”, a mystery penned by Agatha Christie and my favorite Christie book and could easy be made to a really good film. A script based on the film can be an action movie in style with “Bond” or “Mission Impossible”, it can be a thriller in the style of the new Christie films made by Branagh. The book is so intelligent written it is impossible to put it down before finishing it and I have always asked myself why it’s not been filmed. Maybe the reason is caused by the fact its not a Poirot or Marple book, but still. This is my tip to Kenneth Branagh, make a film!!!

Let’s see how the new “Death in the Nile” will stand compering to the former film. The cast looks great, both Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French is in it… Casted as two of the most amazing Christie characters. Looking forward to that.

Have a nice day, with todays French covid news


No logic at all – EU and Corona

Have you also not noticed the strange reports about Corona nowdays? Media makes a huge thing on cases in Austria among others with less than 500 cases and at the same time it is more or less nothing on UK, France and Spain… And how is the situation in Italy at the moment? 10000 new cases in France and no daily updates anymore, but we follow Norway and Austria with headlines like “Extreme corona situation”, and compare the new cases to the once in France?

I, of course, follow France and Sweden more close than any other countries and notice within the EU we have a sandbox approach to the virus. If you block the citizens from my country I will block yours. An example, today Sweden and UK open up for travels without restrictions. Seriously? UK have a increased situation of cases, and Sweden not. So, from my point of view keep it that way… Do not allow travels to UK without any restrictions.

The master in the sandbox in France and Macron who actually not hide the fact that France block travelers from countries who put restrictions on French travelers. It has nothing to do with fighting Corona, its a pissing game between the heads of the countries.

I am 100% aware that the travel industry suffers during Corona, but within the EU the only logical step is to tell the citizens to travel locally, but now during the increase in new cases the countries stay closed within the union. It make no sense as it is now.

And the Corona pandemic is the first time in history we actually have some use of the EU, same rules, same restrictions etc… But no, lets continue to fight for the “shape of cucumbers”, and the right to travel between Brussels and Strasbourg instead.

Its like the mask wearing in Paris at the moment. You do not need a mask if you go ut jogging, even if you most likely breath and spit and cough more running than going to the Bakery to buy a baguette. You must have mask using an electric scooter, but not if you take your bike, but both use the same lanes and a gym can have how many people inside as possible without mask cause they work out, but if you not do jogging, and power walk outside instead, you need a mask cause you don’t run.

Same with homeworking, more and more employers force their staff back to the offices even if they can work from home without any problem. Instead of letting the buses and metro up people who can’t work from home, like industry workers, hospitals and service sector. No, they need to fight for a spot in the public transport together with office staff more or less not in need of an office more than from time to time. But there is no initiative from the Government to push the home working solution, just a lame sentence in the protocol that “If they can, work from home”. Many more can do it if the Government put the foot down.

I also want to remind Swedes, now so happy that they have few new cases compared to France that the lock down was not a fantasy to eliminate the virus. It was caused by the fact that hospitals needed control of cases and make room for people being sick. And even if Swedes now love the fact that there are so few new cases in Sweden you need to remember that looking at deaths the Swedish way caused a lot of deaths compering to countries with the same population. So get off the high horses, at the end cases will raise in Sweden as well.

All this in a bundle it’s not strange that people are confused and take in different theories as the truth. We will have virus in Europe until there is a safe vaccine.

Over and out from me on the Corona virus situation in Europe, at least for today.

Lets stop with something positive by music: Link


My legs decided to stop

Dirst a LINK to the new fun news about Corona in France. But I want to know the R count, cause I do not want to go back to work until the count is 0,7 – 0,8, but now staying home start to feel wrong. People try to live a normal life and I should be going in to the office really. At the same time with the increase in infections its actually not especially nice to go outside even if you have too.

But, back to the workout and my legs, those old things kind of refused to move me around today. Even from bed to the bathroom was a struggle of pain. But I have to do it with the doctors words in mind… 1 hour walk a day and avoid people. Try that in Paris.