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31 519 ?????

OK, we have been used to the around 20.000 cases per day in France, so WTF happened yesterday with 31.519 new cases in one day… We have restrictions here, figures is supposed to go down and the virus supposed to die now when the temperature is around 18 – 20 degrees.

Yesterdays figures can only be casued by the nice weather the pasted weekend and people not following social distancing, and with people I look with my evil eye to people under 28…


Mask in France

Today I learned, from the Paris Police Twitter account that they not only fines you if you don’t wear a mask, they can (and have done so) also catch you if the mask not a approved mask… Something that was news to me and I am sure for most of the people living here. Cause gosh you see a lot of not approved masks wandering around on the streets of Paris.

Of course not wandering around on their own, they are attached to someone. A human being most of the times.

But masks is only one thing that bother us in the French capital at the moment. Paris is restriction tiered. Something fun much happen soon, not only go to work, work and be home in time for the curfew to start. People need food and entertainment, not only work and pay taxes and I am sorry to say that the 18h00 curfew not helping at all, so at least bring the 20h00 back, or even better 23h00 and open the cafés for outdoor service again. Like it was this summer.

I only wish for the opportunity to sit outdoors watching people walk around, and of course buy an amazing glass of wine (yes, wine outdoors is now amazing, not only a drink).

And do not make start of the urge to go abroad and have some sun. Not even the tanning centers are open yet, or the gyms.

So we look forward to the next speech from Macron and hopefully they have decided to follow the UK and set some dates for the opening of the country. If not I think people will start a new 1789.


Soon there, weight loss

I just leave you with the Corona figures for France, hanging there… And go to the fun part. I am today only 0,6 kg from my first goal in my weight loss scheme. I know there is setbacks so I can’t promise I hit it next week but at least last weeks enormous setback been compensated this week. After salads, no bread and longer walks. With a risk to be watched by the Corona police not staying in the 1 hour time.

So Happy me and finals again a “eat what you want” day


Oh my

Yesterday it all felt like we go in the right direction, the 5000 cases a day… far away but some hope with the daily around 12000 cases. So today, 28383! really? The 5000 all of a sudden seem so far away.

But, all of a sudden an old picture turned up in the flow, and reminded me of the days when I actually was cute.

Not the ugliest Björn in the world

Not the ugliest guy on earth.

Let us end with some fun, amazing and fun. Sexual education in school might not be a bad thing


New cases stable

Now on stable figure around 20000 to 26000 per day the health minister Mr Veran think the peak been pasted. Let us open up and see if he’s right… Again, no I don’t think so. Open up now will mean a new lockdown over Christmas, and believe me they know that – so most likely it will be restrictions until a week before Christmas, have Christmas open and then maybe have to close again after new year if no vaccine been introduced.

Will you take the vaccine when it is released? Or wait a while and see if it actually works?


It was a bit early

This morning I Tweeted that: “wow, it looks like France actually managed to keep the figures down”. I said low amount of new Covid cases, low in brackets, but it looked good. Then all of a sudden at 21h00 a new report and we faced more than 32.000 new cases… Up from around 22.000 in the morning.

I went from “maybe Christmas” to, “Fuck, I will sit inside my apartment for ever”.

So I needed to do something I like to do. Ended up tagging mp3 files, I know, Im a nerd…

Today I throw myself on Azucar Moreno, the Spanish duo I keep so close to my heart, and I wish I will be able to see them live someday. I don’t care if it is a arena concert in Spain or a smaller venue in France or Sweden, I really want to see them live.

But during my tagging I actually noticed that the ladies really benefited from growing older. Look at the two girls in 1986 and the Divas of 2020 (Divas in a positive way), 2 women at the peak of beauty. Amazing.