Etikettarkiv: Covid


The Christmas hysteria is ongoing and will raise like it was a new variant of the Covid infection. New record again since summer:

2021 11 25

And most of the Christmas is actually manageable, Not like I need to run around buying stuff to give away on the 24th. But the work things… Seriously, we are colleagues not best friends or family. I see these people 5 days a week, 8 hours, all year around. Why would I have any serious urge to add more time. I see you more than friends and family!!!!

But I have been able to avoid most of the dinners, parties and cocktails at work since 1982, and where I work now I only joined the year when it was a cocktail, no dinner, and walking distance back home.

So this year they try too lock us in on a boat! You can’t even leave when you want, or leave for a while when people go crazy over some dish I most likely never will eat.

So I repeat, all activities any employer want me to take a part of needs to take place under normal office hours OR be paid as overtime. If not? Sorry my free time is mine.

TGIF – peeps


New measures

As suspected Macron did not dare to impose new lockdowns but some changes when it comes to the vaccine and vaccine pass been announced by O Veran today.

If no booster been taken 5 months after your second jab the health pass wont be valid, the tests is no longer valid 48 hours, so if you not vaccinated you need to take a PCR test every day.

I am surprised they did not recommend homeworking again, but C’ est la vie.

Beside all this the most interesting thing with the press conference today was the fact that Mr Veran no longer is “Salt’n’pepa” when it comes to his hair colour.

Olivier Veran computer screen shot

But that is life as well….


Romance talk

Lets end this week with some romance talk. Or how to turn a year 1964 into the mindset of a 2006 model…

Biology sometimes play tricks with us, as an example we have the age gap rule. Half your age plus 10 years is OK, under that… You are more or less a pedofile even if the object is over 35.

In and case a few weeks ago I by a huge coincident stumbled over the perfect match, my perfect match. All boxes ticked on the romantic side, all boxes unticked when it came to the age rule, where and how. A big no no and now we look at the “must be friends” zoned and forever “eyecandy” zone.

Which is OK, cause let’s be true, I really don’t want someone in my life full time – but it is irritating to be speak the truth.

So let’s go to Corona… New record for November 2021…

2021 11 21

And my cold? I will try to go back to the office tomorrow, let’s see if I will be asked to go back home after half a day… If they plan to send people home for a minor cold I will be working from home everyday until spring. I’m always with a cold in the winter.


Pull a leg in the Metro

If you lucky and find a almost empty Metro in Paris, and a person sleeping and you have a suitcase with you… Follow those steps.

Cause Metros are often overcrowded in the morning, so to find someone like in the picture is rare.

Push the suitcase and yourself as tight up against the sleeping person as possible, he will wake up thinking “Shit, crowded” and stand up. Then and there he will start to look around and see it’s empty around him.

And, voila, you have a joke!


France up over 10 000 cases again, 1 day after the Dutch and Belgium increased there lock downs.

TGIF – Friday 29th of October

Good start of the Friday, hit the objectives in the gym and got back home, open the computer and… There are days and there are days – today is one of those days.

And with that in my mind I kind of see the weight in today. The question is not IF I gained any kilos this week, more how many kilos I gained this week. We know at 17h00. But fact is I have not been able to workout in full since I do it in the morning now and for some reason I must go to work in the morning. And I only did one day with a second workout after work. To balance the shorter workout mornings I need to do at least two 30 minute extra.

I also kind of completely ignored the diet this week.

Covid? Promised no more weekly updates, but now when the new cases is up again in France I add a few days here

TGIF, at least try too – Björn

A new week…

… and still far from TGIF.

Looking at my colleagues dropping in, as you all know by now I do my workout before work, so I have no alone time at the office. And the main task for my co workers, every morning is 1 hour of “what am I eating for lunch” discussions and delivery ordering. Must be the most French thing ever.

And Paris is getting colder. Even if the rain risk looks a bit more bright, I might be able to bike tomorrow as well. IF I’m not selected to have a out of office meeting in the afternoon. I hope not, cause it’s not in my calendar. But I have to know before I leave today. Suit or no suit is the question. Suit up? Means no biking.

Last weeks worst figure for Covid:

Actually the highest figure for a while. I wonder if we will see the same increase in new cases 2021, as we did last year over autumn and winter 2020 – even if the vaccine rate is higher now. But they do talk about the third shot for some of the vaccines, nothing on Astra Z yet though.


Morning workout

I started the week with the new “try to change my training schedule” regime. So up early and do the workout before work. And what work out perfectly during weekends and when I work from home is a struggle knowing I have to stress home and go to work after.

Today I really could have done 90 minutes, fresh legs, but with a deadline to be able to get to work in time it’s a no.

At the same time, going to work by bike in rush hour takes me around double the time from earlier departure from home. So no time saving at all doing it this way.

As promised I will now, today, update the weekly covid cases in France for the last time and only talk about it if there is any changes worth noticing. Cause we have reached a place in the Covid pandemic where there is few changes in the daily reports.

With that, have a nice day, week and don’t give up


Not much to add

Typical Sunday here, not much to add to be honest. Gym, laundry and update of mp3s. Productive without being productive at all.

Rethinking of the work at home situation, I have my computer at home already and the plan was to bring it back and work from the office first half of the day, return home for the late zoom meeting. But then, weather, will be heavy rains in Paris tomorrow, and biking with he computer and stress home later (yes I have to stress since I must do my workout before the meeting start) felt stupid, so I will work from home all day instead.

Thats it, and here are the French Corona figures for the week we leave now to history.