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New passport

So finally I managed to find a day to apply for a new passport, in good time I must say, for both work and leisure. Time to plan my annual trip to Morocco. Seems like May will be the month 2020 for a nice relaxed vacation, we will see.

So the Swedish Embassy is located in the 7eme in Paris, and after walking from the Metro to the Embassy I noticed that the 7th must be the area with most dogs. How I noticed? I am to much of a nice guy to tell.

See ya!



Early this morning I went from my home to the bus stop to try to take the first morning bus (in my world where French people usually wake up at 9h00 and go to work around 11h00 I guessed the earlier the better) to Opera in Paris. If any buses during the strike I try to avoid walking the whole way to work if I can. And so far so good, but God was I wrong, the first bus just passed, the second one just opened the doors in the middle of the bus cause people could not get on or off in the front and the third one was as crowded and just a few people managed to get on.

Then, like a blessing, a almost empty one arrived, after 1 hour waiting in a rain that not as rain normally do coming from above… It came from the sides, all sides… Yes, windy.

Finally at work I actually notice that even my underwear is, just to use the word, moist.

Not fun at all.

I also decided to skip the planned walk to the Embassy today to apply for a new passport, I do not want to walk around for 5 years with a wet look passport photo.

Todays picture, I can’t decide if I think it’s awful or the best thing ever… But I think I like it.


Duty done

My duty as a Swede done.

What a day. Dentist and then off to the Embassy to vote (so now done) and the only thing expected to be done today but the rain put a stop to it (the haircut).

In any case, my first visit to the Swedish Embassy in Paris passed just fine. And I have voted, as said before very easy to say who I won’t vote for but the once still in the race made it harder. So ended up to vote in the same way as the last five elections.