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Sweden in Eurovision

After playing a bit with Malta yesterday I thought I might show you guys my most played Swedish entries. Note that its only three years ago a check placed “När vindarna viskar mitt namn” by Roger Pontare as number one… Swedish entry year 2000, but now… we have changes.

  1. 2016 “If I were sorry” Frans
  2. 2004 “Det gör ont” Lena Philipsson
  3. 1999 “Take me to your heaven” Charlotte Perrelli
  4. 1985 “Bra vibrationer” Kikki Danielsson
  5. 1989 “En dag” Tommy Nilsson
  6. 1974 “Waterloo (English) ABBA
  7. 2008 “Hero” Charlotte Perrelli
  8. 2003 “Give me your love” Fame
  9. 2009 “La voix” Malena Ernman
  10. 2006 “Invincible” Carola
  11. 1999 “Tusen och en natt” Charlotte Perrelli
  12. 1977 “Beatles” Forbes
  13. 1986 “E de det här du kallar kärlek” Monika Törnell & Lasse Holm
  14. 1994 “Stjärnorna” Marie Bergman & Roger Pontare
  15. 1968 “Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mig” Claes-Göran Hederström
  16. 1984 “Diggi loo Diggi ley” Herreys
  17. 1974 “Waterloo (Swedish) ABBA
  18. 2017 “I can´t go on” Robin Bengtsson
  19. 1962 “Sol o vår” Inger Berggren
  20. 1991 “Fångad av en stormvind” Carola

So, and again, most played might not be the same as the best song but more or less, who walk around listening to songs you don’t like?


Malta in Eurovision

Time for a new update on some of the Eurovision Countries I have soft spot for, Malta. The small island nation in the Mediterranean whom more or less would give up their independence to win the Eurovision Song Contest, so it seems. And among all the countries participating Malta is still in the line to take home that first victory.

I had hoped for Malta to make changes in their National selection, and they did it this year but for me in the wrong direction. My hopes was to have a National final with maybe 10 or maximum 12 songs with experienced performers. Cause even if Malta is a small Nation so much musical talent lives on the Islands of Malta and Gozo (Don’t know if any on Comino but my gut feeling say no). But its still a fact that it is a small country and a national final with 20 – 30 songs in the line up is not necessary. A lot of songs through they years most likely been seen as collateral damage by the Broadcaster TVM.

But instead of go for a few experienced performers and a few high quality songs penned by the song writing elite Malta decided to go another way, in the same direction as many other of the participating countries and pick their 2019 participant in a talent show and then “mail order” a song which most likely will be penned by a group of Swedes (nothing say it will but seriously… ).

Michela Pace might be the most talented girl on earth and have the back up of a strong song but she spring from a talent show not giving the Maltese public much of a chance to say yes or no to the entry. Another strange twist from Malta a few years ago was when Ira Losco took the victory in the National Selection (more for being Ira than for a great song) and the winning song was switched to another one before the Eurovision Song Contest. A strange decision and very unlike Malta.

Overall I am not a fan of any country using “X got talent”, “The Voice” or “Idol” as a way to pick the performer to represent a country. I know it is hard to believe today but the Eurovision is still a music competition so even if the idea is strange even to me it make more sense to first pick a song and appoint a performer later or even a 100% internal selection process.

Enough, below you find the so far most played Maltese entries at my home, source iTunes play count. Note that most played is not necessarily the same as the best songs but why play songs you don’t like so it is almost the same.

  1. 2013 Gianluca “Tomorrow”
  2. 1998 Chiara “The one that I love”
  3. 2000 Claudette Pace “Desire”
  4. 2006 Fabrizio Faniello “I do (World studio radio mix)
  5. 2017 Claudia Faniello “Breathlessly (single version”
  6. 2004 Julie and Ludwig “On again… Off again”
  7. 2012 Kurt Calleja “This is the night”
  8. 2001 Fabrizio Faniello “Another summer night”
  9. 1992 Mary Spiteri “Little Child”
  10. 2003 Lynn “To dream again (Radio Mix)”
  11. 2010 Lea Garrett “My dream”
  12. 2006 Fabrizio Faniello “I do (Eurovision mix)”
  13. 2005 Chiara “Angel”
  14. 2002 Ira Losco “7th Wonder”
  15. 2011 Glen Vella “One life (Main pass)”
  16. 1975 Renato Micallef “Singing this song”
  17. 2017 Claudia Faniello “Perdersi”
  18. 2017 Claudia Faniello “Breathlessly (Radio Mix)”
  19. 1994 Chris & Moira “More then love”
  20. 2007 Olivia Lewis “Vertigo”

And to be honest the three less played once is:

Morena “Vodka”, Christabelle “Taboo” and William Mangion “This time”


#Melfest New voting system

The viewers “ilska” (=rage) over the new voting system in Melodifestivalen 2019 turned out to be the teens getting angry over the fact that they don’t rule the results anymore. This new system is actually more fair than the old one even if I have some “?” which I am sure I can get the answers on if I read more about the change. One query from my side is that the votes, converted to the in the Eurovision world well known 12, 10, 8, 7 and so on system. Which is fine, but since the system is based on 10 songs and the semifinals only have 7 do the new system go from 12 to 4? Or like in for example the French selection some figures are not in the system at all? So instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 it’s 2, 4, 6? But again I’m sure I can find this info somewhere.

But to divide the “application” votes into age groups the older viewers (to which I’m most likely a part of now) not using the apps maximum votes, 5 votes per song, will at least have a chance to have their views counted. It’s good. BUT another thing I then think about is the tele votes since no one can check the age there. Is the called in votes also converted and use the 12. 10. 8 scale? Most likely also something I can find among the rules on SVT website.

So from my point of view this change is a good one even if the younger crowd feel like they been hit by a train. I ask those youngsters now crying that each point need to be counted and the new system is unfair do you also think this apply to the Eurovision? Are 6 million Russian votes supposed to be counted one by one as well as 800 000 Swedish votes? And impact the result? If yo we will look at a Eurovision where countries send performers they know are popular in countries with a huge population all to attract votes.

So again, the new way is actually one thing SVT done really well in their ways of changing the contest. Well done.


Melodifestivalen 2019

Where are the Melodifestivalen going? It is valid question after two semifinals and still 4 weeks of more or less good music entertainment on Public Service, SVT.

Up until 2018 the Melodifestivalen turned more and more to go from a family show to a children show with 2018 as the peak with Fab Fred as the host side kick. And SVT needed to make changes and they have. So points for that. But still, somethings missing. As an ESC fan some of the joy to watch the series of semifinals and the final not there anymore so for me (this is only my opinion) a revamp must be in the future.

Artists – Its obvious that Sweden not big enough to present starts year after year to enter into the contest. The Voice, Idol and Sweden got talent youngsters going from the talent shows to Melodifestivalen kind of reached the a level when its not fun anymore. The Idol talents need some years with a actual career before entering Melodifestivalen.

Another thing is that Sweden now have a group of artist more or less only existing cause of Melodifestivalen. They participate one, two or three times but in between the selections nothing. Only a few actually have some kind of ongoing thing between the Melodifestivalen performances.

Not saying that this contest don’t need new names, a start over a night effect is amazing IF they actually have a career after their break in a semifinal and a good placing in the final. But many do not have that. And the young voters, only seen the singers in Idol as an example they have no clue when a “real” artist perform. They vote for their old favorites.

The Songwriters – In 2019 semi 1 it was a laugh at first, Deb, Deb,Deb, G:son, Deb and more Deb, Deb and Deb. Semi number 2 then it was Jimmy Janssons turn to move from table to table. Melodifestivalen nee to set some kind of level here, max 2 songs per songwriter?

The Contest – The 6 weeks, the each year lower quality of songs… By now it should be obvious to SVT that 6 weeks is too long. In my Melodifestivalen dream it will be 2 semifinals (one with songs picked by the industry and the second from an open group) and one 1 final. 4 songs from each semi pass to the final and in the final they meet 4 jokers specific chosen by an expert jury.

The Songs – For years SVT hammered in that ALL GENRES MUST BE IN THE CONTEST, and bad rap songs, heavy metal etc without any quality at all entered just to fill the genre decision. Now SVT must have dropped that since a few year, even if I can’t remember they announced it, cause of 28 songs at least 14 is produced to be played on radio after the contest. Air Play, Air Play and more Air Play. Sound alike year after year. More differences needed, But I admit I have no idea how to do that if SVT keep on accepting the same songwriters to compete with 5 -6 songs…

UTube – France woke up to a YouTuber winning the contest, most likely cause a huge amount of followers. And so far Melodifestivalen been free from this. But just wait… If SVT sooner or later let a so called influencer with a huge amount of followers enter the scene it might happen also in Sweden. With 950 000 young followers vote the person to victory while people not following this person stay one step behind and wonder “What just happened” Who is that person? So SVT must be aware of the risk to pick artists from the YouTube world.

This is just a few of my points 2019, agree or not?


Сергей Лазарев

Finally confirmed then. Sergey will sing for Russia in Tel Aviv and hopefully return to Eurovision with a smash hit.

Let us see, the last time a Russian star returned to the Eurovision for a second try was Dima Bilan and the managed to fail to win with a really good song and win with an OK song. Sergey needs more than a OK song and hopefully the team behind him understands it must be as good as last but not to similar.

In any case, I look forward to hear what he will present and in the meantime listen to his albums on spotify or download them.


Swedish pre-selection started, the melodifestivalen 2019

So, it was time for the first semi final of the Melodifestivalen 2019 and for 6 week Sweden will no forget about politics, immigration problems and live in the famous “Mello” bubble. And to not drown my blog in Melodifestivalen news I will try too keep it to two posts a week. But of course note the “try too”. As a fact I will break this rule at once by posting this one about the show and a second one about the songs.

So how was the first show? First of all we note 4 hosts of the show. I can’t see the reason for this cause its been proven to work well with 1 and 2 throughout the years and 4 makes it very messy. “But wait a minute” the ESC fans screams, the ESC have 4 hosts now and it works… Yes, but in ESC the hosts are more or less not in the show, they do not present each song they only turn up in the beginning and the end and in the green room. When 4 hosts actually host it gets a bit strange but very very SVT, one for each minority and a cute boy.

Also very SVT is to educate the Swedes watching (and they are many) to follow whats Political Correct at the moment. Its been said before, official Melodifestivalen and Eurovision is non political events but if the message is 100% in tune with what you suppose tho think no problem to include it in jokes or songs. This year its of course liberal values and globalization.

I also, before the show, Tweeted that we will see how far in in the show it will take until we have jokes about the political mess in Sweden and it only took a few minutes. Very expected but it actually worked cause so far SVT at least tried to not tell the audience it was the best for Sweden what happened. Together with the amazing showstopper, about the Israeli winners in the Eurovision history (where 4 hosts actually all of a sudden made sense) it was expected but worked well.

I also liked the fact that SVT actually tried to make the show grown up again. Less children show and more professional. Appreciated from my point of view but it might lower the interest from the age groups 3 – 14 years of age at the end of the 6 weeks.

And again, to announce voting records without announcing if the increase is in televotes or the the use of the free, no charge application is redundant. Of course more votes will be placed if its free of charge, thats not rocket science. This years addition also took out the SMS votes and updated the free use of the Mello application. Really? Keep the SMS votes and let people use the app but not for votes just as a poll what the audience like to not.

It seems like SVT need the application so they won’t need to announce less votes than the year before, a mistake from the start when they introduced the application.

Another really really embarrassing thing that all of a sudden turned out to be very obvious is the fact that more or less 3 songs writers stand behind most of the songs in this first show. After three songs it was more or less a joke… Deb, Deb and Gson, Deb Deb and Gson…. Really?

And its all about the songs and that will be my second post later today.


Still calm

As always when we get closer to the launch of the early edition of the “Melodifestivalen” it’s a bit exciting to open the Swedish news sites. But still calm, and I guess the scandals will start tomorrow, maybe on Thursday, cause what is Melodifestivalen without it’s scandals? It’s actually 6 weeks when a third world war can erupt and the Swedish public won’t know until after the Melodifestivalen ends with the final in March. Crazy? Bien sûr!

Most likely I will both attack the show as well as honor the once who’s worth it and some will agree some will be upset. Just like here in France after the French selection ended last weekend with Bilal Hassanis victory. The You tube generation following Bilal since he was a “star” in the French show “The Voice Kids” praise the choice of the Bilal as their entry. And most likely they are the reason behind his victory cause I am surprised if the French, usually with a very good taste and a pride in “sounding” French in the Eurovision Song Contest, all of a sudden lost their common sense and voted Bilal.

But at the same time, the French equivalent to RFSL in Sweden decided to press charges to all Tweets and Instagram posts writing any negative thing about Bilal Hassani. Yesterday it was 15 000 posts reported to the French Police, cause the French police do not have anything else to worry about… Yellow west and keeping terror away from the streets as two examples. But… For some people it’s more important to defend a possible offended 19 year old Conchita wannabe with a mediocre song.

But as said in the beginning, we have not seen what the Swedish selection bring us in form of scandals during 2019. But let me make some guesses… There will be jokes about the fact that one of four presenters Mr Erik Saade will get married… They will joke about girls gettin’ heartbroken as if Erik still felt as an important part of Swedish music life. Most likely his reason behind accepting to be one of the presenters is to stay in the spotlight.

We will most likely also be under attack by Ms Linda Woodruff, AKA Sarah Dawn Finer. A fake Eurovision expert I wish they killed off the humor grid years ago. I don’t find her funny, but it’s my humor obvious cause the ESC fans under 25 y.o. loves her. At the same time it is the same fans who claim there fans of the Eurovision and still hardly have a clue of what happened in the Contest before 2000.

I also guess the Selection, voting, will hear jokes about the Swedish Political election and the aftermath. Jokes like, “The result will be the real one and like in politics the winner will be the winner” etc etc. Let us say at least one kind of similar jokes in each program?

Of course the Public Service will hammer in that Swedes are nice and take homo fobia and racism seriously by teaching the public what they are suppose to think about immigrants and homosexuals. Even if the Public Service official is neutral when it comes to politics this is two themes in all Melodifestivalen and will most likely render the same amount of protests as every year from people NOT agree. Maybe they even will be able to make some jokes or info about the fact that Netta won 2018 telling the world that people are beautiful just the way they are… And for sure let us say 6 songs will keep that theme????

And in the name of neutral the Public Service might have some songs competing on the themes free immigration, open boarders and same sex love rights and none about closed borders, restricted immigration and Christian family values. Cause SVT are OK with politics if the politics is 100% Political Correct. So who knows, can we expect Malena Ernman to arrive as paus entertainment singing “La Voix” with a new text about her daughter and how fantastic she is?

In any case, let’s follow the Mello and let’s see what I will think about this years arrangement.


Loosing Sweden

My web page visitor statistics just get more and more confusing. The normal situation for a Sweden in Paris posting stuff on the web must be Swedish visitors… Maybe some French… But right now? USA? Really? And even if we take the Eurovision posts in to account it won’t explain the Americans.


Destination Eurovision 2019 Semi 2

So the second semifinal of the French selection to Eurovision Song Contest took place yesterday and what do we take from that? First I wonder how the production was thinking when they selected what songs to be presented in the two semifinal heats. The first one was far from as good as the second one. Around 6 songs in the second semifinal might have been among the top 4 if they participated in the first semifinal.

We can also hope that the quality of the songs in the second semifinal stop Bilal Hassani from representing France in Tel Aviv in May 2019.

So what about the entries yesterday? The first entry Gabriella “On church encore” a huge favorite among the expert jury kind of passed me without any emotions at all. It was just a bad song and a lot of bad singing.

“La voix d’Aretha” performed by The Divaz strikes me as a clear winner as soon as I heard it. A feeling based on the first song of the evening and the songs from the semifinal 1. But as you will see later on in this blog post more good songs turned up during the night. But still, nothing bad to say about this entry. A bit repetitious with the “Respect” line over and over, but its not unusual in Eurovision to repeat phrases.

UGO and his “Ce qui me bless” a entry hard to place, I kind of liked it but I´m not sure its a Eurovision winner. Not a bad song, nicely performed and one of the songs I think might have gone to the final if he sang in the first semifinal.

Tracy de sà went French/Spanish/English in what we might call a rap attempt. I think this song will climb the charts after the selection but as a Eurovision song not my cup of tea.

“La Promesse”, Emmanuel Moire, a actual artist who released and charted well in the past in France and you can notice is as a fact. This guy is not an amateur. The song, again, I´m not sure it is a Eurovision winner but for sure a hit song in France. Well worth the points giving to him during the night. An amazing performance (but even if the jacket is fake try to make it look more like a real one for the final) taking the subject serious compering to the joke of the song “Roi” from semifinal 1 with the same kind of message. Will en dup high on my list during the final next week.

Noémie and her “Ma petit famille” a what my friends will say is a typical Björn song. And I really like this song, it made me happy. It is not meant to do much more I suppose, dance, be happy and enjoy. Really really a sad thing she was completely ignored by the international juries and the public.

The ballad of the ballads “Tous les deux” performed by Seemone might be the most French song this year, it is so French that even if she would perform the song in English, Russian or Japanese you know this is French. And its beautiful, I do not want to take the tune away from Seemone but I can’t stop thinking how Isabelle Huppert would have performed it even if Seemone made it perfect and beautiful. This is a song that actually can win Eurovision. Not something I would have guessed if it want for Salvador Sobrals win a few years back. The only little little thing I don’t liked about this song is that at the end the word “Papa” went a bit too repetitive. It took away maybe 5% of the total magic of this ballad, but its for me. Again a song I will put high on my list next week.

Doutson “Sois un bon fils” also very French as French music sound today, and kind of how a lot of hit music sound here in France and I kind of like it. It is not special enough but nothing wrong with it.

“Madame la Paix” by PhilipElise Also sounded French but not in a good way I ended up to stop listen after around 1 minute it did not reach out to my taste in music at all. Will be interesting to listen to it on CD cause I have a feeling it will grab me more with headphones on than live on TV.

So My final list from Semi 2:

  • 01 Emmanuel Moire
  • 02 Seemone
  • 03 Noémie
  • 04 Doutson
  • 05 The Divaz
  • 06 UGO
  • 07 Tracy de Sá
  • 08 PhilipElise
  • 09 Gabriella

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Time for the update

So time to update you all on the past weekends BIG event, the first semifinal of Destination Eurovision. First of, last year was the first year in ages France had a national final and it was a puppy production with a firm goal to find the best song to send to Lisbon 2018. And now in 2019 they stepped up a bit from 2018 but still the production need some changes to force France to watch it.

First of all the show is slow. I notice from other TV shows here in France that most of them are a bit slow, its a lot of talking and so also in the French selection. I do not see the need for each artist to first sing a favorite song before they perform their entry and competing song. And the expert jury, no need for it. Speed up the production and people will find it more modern.

The songs then…

Naestro “Le braiser” Nothing wrong with the song, maybe a bit to much non Eurovision to be a good entry to send to Israel in May but I liked it. But they missed a chance to show the public Naestros amazing classical voice. Listen to “Bella Ciao” and you will hear a real hit. I placed him 3 at the end of the evening

Florina In the shadow” A favorite among the experts in the studio, Im sorry why? A OK pop song but without any personality or Oumpf. I placed her 8 at the end of the evening.

Chiméne Badi “Lá-haut” Obvious a artist known here in France, I have never hear of her before tonight and she sang her song in a box like Maltas Eurovision entry last year. The song, again, was OK but no drive. I placed her 5 at the end of the night.

Battista Acquaviva “Passio” The best song of the evening performed by a singer who most likely during weekdays work as a fire alarm somewhere. She can’t sing and even if I get the nude dancers and show it will never ever be something you want to hear again if not changing the singer. But, the French televoters loved it and OK I thought it was cause of the staging and the show but the song actually chart in France. The recording must be auto-tuned. And hopefully the recording sounds better. Love her name those placed her 9 and the end of the evening. All cause of the lack of voice.

Silván Areg “Le petit Nicholas” HERE France you have the perfect Eurovision entry. A catchy really good song, fun staging, good looking guy with a show and an idea behind his performance. This would work in Eurovision. My number 1 this evening

Bilal Hassani “Roi” The second surprise this evening. Obvious the people love this guy. And I have no idea why. First of all the song is so boring, the show is bad and if he at least could sing, but no. So why the hype? Who is this guy and why do France love him? Or is it so bad that for France Eurovision not a big deal so it is the gay public voting in the semifinals? A theory which dies when you also heard the experts loving him and the international jury loved him. What do I miss???? I placed him 7

Aysat “Comme un grande” OK first of all this is Eurovision, you need to write and record a real ending to the song and not tune it out, its sloppy and disrespectful. But over all a OK with a plus song. I do not mind she ended up in the final, I had her song 4 at the end.

Lautner “J’ai pas le tempe” A huge surprise again, but this time in the wrong way. A song that should have passed to the final but was voted out and that by the televoters. OK the production needed work it was to soft and needed some beat but the guys can sing and the song is catchy. My number 2

Mazy “oulala” A very uninteresting song not bad, competent production but not pop not schlager what is it. Placed her 6

When all the voting passed the final 4 going through to the final Aysat, Silván Are, Chiméne Badu and Bilal Hassani. And now to another thing I think France can change. Why, in the semifinal, present the votes? Now people know the televoters favorite or will something change until the final? But since Hassani won why would any of the others win in two weeks?

Very strange.