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Bucket list – Check

Kylie Minogue

So, another thing on my bucket list finally done. A concert with Kylie Minogue. And lets face the facts… No one, ever, will bring the world the news of Kylie being a great singer. She is an ok singer but seriously some of the high notes missed their place in life. But its actually not so bad cause it shows its live. Not perfect.

The first part of the show also struggled with major sound problems so it took a while before she managed to suck you in and reach the party mode.

But leaving the place it was with a good feeling so not Mylene Farmer good but actually more than I expected and the new album “Golden” might start to hit my playlists again now when I have some visuals in my head.


Not much done

Calm weekend.

Even if it feels like nothing been done over the weekend I managed to do laundry, clean up (cosmetic clean up, not as planned but at least OK), worked some on the mp3 tagging but nothing on the 1990s Eurovision webpage…

And not visited YSL or the Atelier des lumieres, keep on waking on those.

And since its Sunday Des Devoirs, no need to stress today tho´cause no lesson on Monday but I’ve done them and it gives me one more week to study.

Second week with the new boss start tomorrow and I need to make a schedule for the upcoming Conference in Russia.


French again

I admit, I am not a linguist

So… Again I’m back to the problem I have with French verbs. And knowing me, some of you do, I am not good at stuff I don’t learn fast and my study technology is by doing, not reading and for sure not study on my own using on-line platforms. With that said, let’s turn back to the reason for this blog post.

I have nothing to “hang” up the French verbs on and what I learned yesterday, gone today. It’s unbelievable!!!

But looking at my language learning history. I had three really bad grades in school, math, Swedish grammar and English. You can say that from school start up until the family moved from Norrköping to Stockholm Swedish and English went fast downhill, from the top of the mountain to the ground rapidly.

English, kind of saved by the use of pen friends. Yes you youth born after 1975, back then we had penfriends. Both domestic and abroad. The Facebook and Instagram before Internet. Also thanks to the fact that nothing on TV in Sweden are dubbed (besides children shows).

Back to French verbs then and my brains way of complicate things. Let’s take an example, the verb être… To be or in Swedish vara.

My brain, in my Swedish mind set want to:

Je être, Tu être, Il/elle ètre, nous être, vous être and so on. In Swedish Jag är, Du är, han/hon är, vi är, ni är… only är, är, är. If this was French, I might have nailed it 100%. But even if the verb is être in french it goes je suis, tu es, il/elle est, nous sommes and vous êtes.

And that’s a easy one, verb by verb it change like this and I have no idea how to get this into my mind and make it stay. In class just rattling verb by verb it’s fine but in daily life my brain goes: “Oh, I need to say “I am Björn”, hmmmm, I am, is to be, vara in Swedish, so jag är, I am, verb être, it’s not Je être Björn it’s… yes I go for suis”.

All that activity takes time and in daily life not an option and since être is the easy one, please, just add all the other verbs.

I kind of give up every time… Je suis stupid, d’accord.

Then add the past and future and all the La and Le together with using the correct a, au, e, en, on, une… And my brain turn into a nuclear melt down.

And still I have not found the, for me, best way of learning this. Again, I have nothing to “hang” the French on to make it stick.

This blog post is a post about frustration


Weekend’s over

Weekend – What a drag

No, the weekend as such is a nice invention but still… Doin’ nothing, nada, rien… For a lot of reasons. First of all rain, so much rain, and I need to downsize my money spending for October and November cause of the tax I wait for to be paid and then add the Halloween weekend in Norrköping and Stockholm. So stay at home and do the French homework and fresh up the mp3 tagging and have a look at this, my website. Amazed on how long it takes to get the Eurovision info ready….

But, now it’s Monday, after some bad nights with not much sleep cause of the full moon (picture bad I have no idea how to snap a good picture of the moon, cause it looks so much better IRL). And I know it’s only make believe but and maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy but I do sleep bad when the moon hanging over the Paris roof tops or where ever I am.

But let us hope for early nights this week and long sleep without interruptions from the younger crowd in the house either having a neverending apéro or storming in around 05h00 in the morning. As some of you know by now happening Mondays and/or Thuesdays.


Going to work in the morning

Samhall or what?

Not Swedish? Feel free to Google “Samhall” and then you can launch an upset campaign telling me I have a lot of prejudices and really can’t say stuff like that… Oh yes I can.

Going to work in the morning here in Paris, most likely all over the world, is a interesting experience depending on the time of the day. I won’t talk metro now cause it’s a bit different but by bus.

Leaving around 07h00 (early for the French way of living) by bus makes me wonder if people working for the French equivalent to Samhall start their days earlier than offices etc.

I manage to take the same bus as the following people every day.

  • The man who, always and no exception +5 degrees or +30, enter the bus in his, even for Swedish winter circumstances, warm jacket and woolen cap and start to close all the windows in the bus. Without AC the windows kind of save you from looking boiled when you finally can get off the bus. It’s oxygen for heavens sake, we humans need that.
  • The Girl, clearly working for the Paris municipal transport company RATP (or have a weird sense of fashion). The procedure start even before the bus arrives to bus stop. She wait, at least 15 meters from the stop and when the bus arrives, and when everyone entered the vehicle she RUN to get on the bus. Well inside the change places game begins. IN the bus, until it’s time to exit at her stop, she change seats. It is very stressful when people move around without any obvious reason for it*.
  • Then we have her counterpart, the guy arriving well in time before the bus arrives, and standing where the doors most likely will end up when the bus finally get’s there. If he’s not first at the bus stop he sneaks around the stop so from being last end up first. Then he must, and i mean MUST enter first to take his place standing at the same spot every day facing the window. Never sit never change place. The thing is the place he prefer is also the dedicated space for Wheelchairs, suitcases and strollers – not many in he morning but I do wait for that to happen.

I also have my favorite space in the bus but so far I have not considered murder to get there, to my space. Or I lied, the thought actually entered my mind but to make it reality seems a bit over the top.

*) A good reason to change place on buses and metro i Paris is accordion playing, mostly Romanians, passengers. One more bad sounding “La vie en rose”….

Enjoy your day



Doin´da strange stuff

Hop on, hop off

More or less the first activity abroad, for me, to jump on the Hop on, Hop off service, just doing the circle and decide what sights to visit during a stay. And last time in Stockholm I acted as a tourist and took the ride there and yesterday I did the Paris one. I know its kind of dumb but also a good thing.

And add that you learn things. Now I know I am on the rive droit, my Paris friends have not been able to come up with a 100% clear answer, mostly droit but a few gauche also been told during my three years in Paris.

I know the green book boxes at the Seine banks might disappear, not a good thing, they been there forever… And for me a kind of Paris thing. I think I will end up owning one… Or not…

But most of all a tour like this wake up that feeling I get now and when, “WOW, I actually live in Paris”, maybe not forever but the minimum 5 years I decided upon when moving here seems reachable and not only a dream.

The Gallery from yesterday.


My 2:nd Apple blogg

Apple TV

Picture from the webb if not allowed to use it please tell me and I will take a photo of my own apple tv and post that one.

Before the Apple event this week I touched the iWatch and my own use of this Apple gadget, missed it? Here it is.

As promised then, some other products from Apple I bought but don’t know if I will continue to use when the one I have now dies or get to old for updates.

First of all, I have no idea what version of the Apple TV i own, I can’t find that information, even if I am sure it’s there somewhere. But no, don’t find it and honestly not so important.

So why do I use Apple TV? I have my Netflix subscription via Apple TV, a surreal experience cause for some reason it’s a mix of the Scandinavian Netflix and the French, have no idea why… And most likely not Apple TVs doing. But information is sometimes in Swedish sometimes in French, the subtitles the same and maybe more confusing dubbing into French (often possible to change).

But I can also get Netflix from Orange, my Internet provider so really? Do I need an Apple TV?

Photos work well tho’ like to be able to see my photos on a bigger screen, but it took time before it actually worked. I dont know why but right now its good.

Since my Apple account is connected to Swedish Apple store (yes I still want to download Swedish music from iTunes, I can’t use some of the apps:

HBO – I want HBO but Apple store understand i’m in France so the Swedish Apple store like the computer “Say NO” – The same with SVT Play and other film applications. And I can’t connect Apple TV to a VPN service this is the most irritating thing really.

If not Apple TV will be able to provide the French selection of TV channels and I still need a TV subscription for the local stations in combination with the lack of more apps (free or subscription) for TV from other countries I most likely will keep my Apple TV until the version I have stop to work, cause I really don’t see the use right now in 2018. Things might change.

iTunes Apple TV, where I am supposed to be able to subscribe don’t work from the Swedish iTunes shop. No TV shows available.

OK – Apple movies, of course better with a Apple TV gadget BUT so many things don’t work. Apple TV ask me to grade my bought movies to be able to present better suggestions, I can’t do that on the films in the Cloud. I have all the movies graded in iTunes none of those grades are viewed on my Apple TV if I don’t download them to my devices (iPad, iPhone, iTunes). The point with a cloud is to not have to download them.

But a new version is coming up and even if all Apple updates fu** up some of the ways I like to use their products maybe some features will be better a month from now.



French Class started

Here we go again

Yesterday my French classes started again, with the hated 30 minutes on-line studies added to each face to face class. Again I tell the world I am not a self study person, it’s a way of learning not suitable for “moi”. I do not learn a thing from the on-line sessions. Pointing that out the answer boomerang back “it’s a package”. Yes a package of 10 wasted hours.

Home work, not my strongest suite either. At home, chez moi, to many distractions. To do home work I need to leave the apartment and sit somewhere outside. It’s fine when I do laundry, go to the language school or travel far but to just sit in a cafè or in a park… No, I do the parts I am suppose to do and then nothing more. Kind of not my kind of learning.

The same for working from home. I do not mind to put in more hours when the work load dictate it’s needed. Just look back at the past at my old work I sometimes went into work on evenings and weekends even if the supposed work was 100% suitable for logging in from home. It’s not me…

And also, when you bring work home your home turns into an office and will never be a place to relax, so boys and girls, never transform your own living room to an office space. It might be a different thing if you actually have an home office space, then that room will be for working, I don’t know. It’s just me and all the weird stuff going on in my head.

Apart from this life lesson have a Bon Journee