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Cut – And I do not mean in the Freudian way

So, after almost 5 months my normally 2mm hair made an appointment with scissors today. With the instructions, it’s finally long enough to do whatever you want to do.

They did, but kind of the same as in February but a bit longer. Together with me testing the new line of products I bough for myself we will see if I will be able to maintain this haircut as I want it to be… Fashionable messy…

But a great day, the first trial with my new headphones worked out well, but I fight to decided what size of the earthingys I will use. Both the largest and next to largest sit well but I need to try both for a bit longer.

And tomorrow is the big day… Have a nice evening


First vacation day

First vacation day kind of soon ends so what did I do today? Fact, mostly inside waiting for UPS to deliver a package. You know the famous “We will deliver your package 19th of December between 08h00 – 19h00” kind of thing…

In any case the package is delivered, but for sure not to me, I hope its downstairs with the building manager, we will see tomorrow. And all that after I have provided them with both code to the door and to not take the elevator to the 6th floor only to the 5th and walk one floor, cause if going all up it get stuck.

But I also managed to have a haircut, a la “make it super short so it will be perfect in 2 weeks before its to long again in 3 weeks.

Tomorrow, vacation day 2 its time for a visit to the Swedish store again, I need more Kalvsylta.