Etikettarkiv: IKEA

Change of routines

Since a few weeks back I am not only going from real cigarettes to IQOS I also walk from work to Opera to get some steps between arriving to work, sit all day and then go back home and lay down in the sofa. At leat this is what I tell myself. The real reason is that walking from work to Opera I pass IKEA and can buy Prästost, Tunnbröd and now and then Köttbullar (even if the IKEA brand of frozen Köttbullar, meatballs, is far from “real” brands). I also made the huge mistake to buy IKEAS Lingonsylt, oh never again… You can actually be without it rather than trying it. Really not good, so if you live in Paris and look for Lingonsylt (Lingonberry jam) take your time and go to the Swedish store close to Parc Monceau instead and buy “Rårörda Lingon” to get the better taste with less additional berrys not supposed to be in a real Lingonsylt.

I ask myself if this is the Lingonsylt IKEA serve worldwide with their Meatball dishes? If so, why the fu** do people like it that much?


Today’s IKEA

You said it’s a what?

I don’t know if I can say I love IKEA, but the facts clear, when your incomes not in the level of people walking around on humongous lawns hitting small balls with a stick or run around together with others on a smaller but still big lawn trying to push a ball into a goal made of three sticks and a net, you need to downsize your furniture budget and shop everything from a sofa to a bookshelf covering a complete wall in flat, brown boxes from IKEA.

And if you not Scandinavian the IKEA catalog is a bundle of joy reading the names of the furniture. As a swede a bit easier, most of the times you know if the name is taken from a city, if it is a first name or just a Swedish word. You get the lingo and try to explain it as much as you can to the poor French man trying to say: “OXHULT” or the Spanish lady’s  “FROSTA”.

But to explain the logic behind the rocking horse, looking like an elk, named “Ekorre” is fu***** impossible. So I let them say Ekorre and say “no, its a make believe word”.

Gunghäst – Rocking horse

älg – Elk (moose) – wapiti

Ekorre – squirrel – écureuil