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Arrived today

Sp finally the new issue of Classic Pop Magazine, the special edition on “The hit Factory”, PWL arrived.

Buying it I had no idea that I would received all four different covers but i did, so now there they are, all four of them.

And what made me most excited just brows fast through the magazine was to find out that there is a Dead or Alive 19 disc compilation “Sophisticated Boom Boxx” out there somewhere. How is it even possible to have missed that?


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La Seine Musicale

As you all know…

Last Friday I went to see the “Golden Tour” with Kylie Minogue at “La Seine Musicale” – A new concert hall in Paris and very well known for the architecture and solar panels. A concert hall for the future where the the electricity collected from the sun gets converted to music so to speak.

You can find more information here.


Bucket list – Check

Kylie Minogue

So, another thing on my bucket list finally done. A concert with Kylie Minogue. And lets face the facts… No one, ever, will bring the world the news of Kylie being a great singer. She is an ok singer but seriously some of the high notes missed their place in life. But its actually not so bad cause it shows its live. Not perfect.

The first part of the show also struggled with major sound problems so it took a while before she managed to suck you in and reach the party mode.

But leaving the place it was with a good feeling so not Mylene Farmer good but actually more than I expected and the new album “Golden” might start to hit my playlists again now when I have some visuals in my head.