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Not much done

Calm weekend.

Even if it feels like nothing been done over the weekend I managed to do laundry, clean up (cosmetic clean up, not as planned but at least OK), worked some on the mp3 tagging but nothing on the 1990s Eurovision webpage…

And not visited YSL or the Atelier des lumieres, keep on waking on those.

And since its Sunday Des Devoirs, no need to stress today tho´cause no lesson on Monday but I’ve done them and it gives me one more week to study.

Second week with the new boss start tomorrow and I need to make a schedule for the upcoming Conference in Russia.


French again

I admit, I am not a linguist

So… Again I’m back to the problem I have with French verbs. And knowing me, some of you do, I am not good at stuff I don’t learn fast and my study technology is by doing, not reading and for sure not study on my own using on-line platforms. With that said, let’s turn back to the reason for this blog post.

I have nothing to “hang” up the French verbs on and what I learned yesterday, gone today. It’s unbelievable!!!

But looking at my language learning history. I had three really bad grades in school, math, Swedish grammar and English. You can say that from school start up until the family moved from Norrköping to Stockholm Swedish and English went fast downhill, from the top of the mountain to the ground rapidly.

English, kind of saved by the use of pen friends. Yes you youth born after 1975, back then we had penfriends. Both domestic and abroad. The Facebook and Instagram before Internet. Also thanks to the fact that nothing on TV in Sweden are dubbed (besides children shows).

Back to French verbs then and my brains way of complicate things. Let’s take an example, the verb être… To be or in Swedish vara.

My brain, in my Swedish mind set want to:

Je être, Tu être, Il/elle ètre, nous être, vous être and so on. In Swedish Jag är, Du är, han/hon är, vi är, ni är… only är, är, är. If this was French, I might have nailed it 100%. But even if the verb is être in french it goes je suis, tu es, il/elle est, nous sommes and vous êtes.

And that’s a easy one, verb by verb it change like this and I have no idea how to get this into my mind and make it stay. In class just rattling verb by verb it’s fine but in daily life my brain goes: “Oh, I need to say “I am Björn”, hmmmm, I am, is to be, vara in Swedish, so jag är, I am, verb être, it’s not Je être Björn it’s… yes I go for suis”.

All that activity takes time and in daily life not an option and since être is the easy one, please, just add all the other verbs.

I kind of give up every time… Je suis stupid, d’accord.

Then add the past and future and all the La and Le together with using the correct a, au, e, en, on, une… And my brain turn into a nuclear melt down.

And still I have not found the, for me, best way of learning this. Again, I have nothing to “hang” the French on to make it stick.

This blog post is a post about frustration


Weekend’s over

Weekend – What a drag

No, the weekend as such is a nice invention but still… Doin’ nothing, nada, rien… For a lot of reasons. First of all rain, so much rain, and I need to downsize my money spending for October and November cause of the tax I wait for to be paid and then add the Halloween weekend in Norrköping and Stockholm. So stay at home and do the French homework and fresh up the mp3 tagging and have a look at this, my website. Amazed on how long it takes to get the Eurovision info ready….

But, now it’s Monday, after some bad nights with not much sleep cause of the full moon (picture bad I have no idea how to snap a good picture of the moon, cause it looks so much better IRL). And I know it’s only make believe but and maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy but I do sleep bad when the moon hanging over the Paris roof tops or where ever I am.

But let us hope for early nights this week and long sleep without interruptions from the younger crowd in the house either having a neverending apéro or storming in around 05h00 in the morning. As some of you know by now happening Mondays and/or Thuesdays.


French Class started

Here we go again

Yesterday my French classes started again, with the hated 30 minutes on-line studies added to each face to face class. Again I tell the world I am not a self study person, it’s a way of learning not suitable for “moi”. I do not learn a thing from the on-line sessions. Pointing that out the answer boomerang back “it’s a package”. Yes a package of 10 wasted hours.

Home work, not my strongest suite either. At home, chez moi, to many distractions. To do home work I need to leave the apartment and sit somewhere outside. It’s fine when I do laundry, go to the language school or travel far but to just sit in a cafè or in a park… No, I do the parts I am suppose to do and then nothing more. Kind of not my kind of learning.

The same for working from home. I do not mind to put in more hours when the work load dictate it’s needed. Just look back at the past at my old work I sometimes went into work on evenings and weekends even if the supposed work was 100% suitable for logging in from home. It’s not me…

And also, when you bring work home your home turns into an office and will never be a place to relax, so boys and girls, never transform your own living room to an office space. It might be a different thing if you actually have an home office space, then that room will be for working, I don’t know. It’s just me and all the weird stuff going on in my head.

Apart from this life lesson have a Bon Journee


September – The starting point of everything

Let’s Go

So, already 5th of September. Kind of the start of everything.

  • autumn (Read: Paris, in rain and humidity)
  • budget planning at work (Read: “Budget you say? Means nothing to me”)
  • 6 month check up (Read: Might render a treadmill stress test)
  • Planning Halloween trip to Sweden (Read: “I do it tomorrow… What is it already October?”)
  • Winter depression (Read: It’s gettin’ darker and colder and I need sun)

And the worst thing… I have colleagues going to Morocco for work, never happens to me!!!! Not fair, I also want to go to Morocco for a few days.

Good things? Yes Ms Farmer soon release a new album



French test

D Day

So total it finally was time for the Lilate, the French test… Test my level (by the way in September 2015 they said it was on the level of a four year old). And I don’t have the result yet but let us guess, 2 year old maybe?

First I lied terrible about my age, cause 50 in French was gone, my brain told me that 50 in French is something you never heard about Mr. So I grabbed the first number I could think of, 38! And the darling person on the other side told me she thought it was less… Bad line obviously but good to know… I look good on Skype with a dirty lens.

Then all the expected verb confusions before what I been told, read a short text and answer queries on the text. OK went not completely  bad even if the text on sun hours in Sweden during Spring, summer and winter kind of included words in French I never ever even heard before.

Then the fun part, to tell the test lady about something she asked me. I was told this will be on work, my hobbies and so on. I was asked to explain the phenomena “Northern light” in French “Aurore”. Hello? I can´t explain that even in Swedish! Electro magnetic fields in French?

But now its done, no more thoughts on that.