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Easter Bunnies

They are out now, the bunnies of Paris. One of them made my stop for a while looking at a vase in the window of a glass boutique close to the Place de la Concorde. I have seen this blue vase on Favebook, over and over so it was nice to see it live. I also notices the price this time, EURO 4700 – Seriously, for a glass vase. Buy a vase at IKEA (5 minutes walk) and send the money to Ukraine instead.

And as we all guessed yesterday, Le Pen and Macron in a re-match. Might have been exciting if Macrons number went down in the first election. They did not. And I turned to be very surprised how humble Zammour was all of a sudden in his speech to the Nation after the election. Only 7% and he kind of took all upon himself and it all felt a bit Mea Culpa.. Only the whip missing.

But now it will soon be over.


Thug Macron

So, Macron went viral cause of this picture:

Hoodie Macron went viral

Of course there is a reason behind this picture. First it is supposed to look like a leaked one, then of course the main reason… Too show France how hard he is working, tiered, no time to shave, comb his hair and sit in comfortable clothes. After all, it is an election year in France, and it’s not a bad idea to spread this picture. Cause it will reach its goal, to be noticed in media, mainstream or social.

People who don’t like it will speak about it, and people who buy the story will defend him, a win win.

I can only say that Macron have never looked as good and hot as now, tiered, in a hoodie with his hair all over the place.


Rain in Paris, France

Thinking about it, and take all the facts into account, I have been very lucky so far this summer… All summer, up until now, have more or less rained away. Just like the summer 2015 it rains at least once a day… And I say at least, cause it’s way over that.

But I have not been in hit by any showers going to work or back home on my bike. OK, two days were rain all day, but I knowing that I took the Metro, but it’s only 2 days. So lucky me. But the rule still is, rain in the morning, no bike. Rain in the afternoon going home, bike is OK… I can arrive home looking like I been swimming in the Seine – with clothes on.

The picture of the day is from the passed weekend. It was sun, a bit of windy and I went to the restroom and came out again to what you see in the picture. From dry cobbler stones to that in max 4 minutes.

I also noticed this morning it’s getting darker and darker in the mornings when I leave for work. Soon time to put the lights on and the yellow west, which in my case have nothing to do with the French Yellow wests, whom I think will be out soon on the streets. That is a wild guess after Macrons speech yesterday.

Macron yesterday

So, just a few words on the Presidents speech yesterday. Not much of a surprise when it came to Covid, vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. But it really was more about kick starting the Presidential campaign for 2022. And I guess that will push the yellow wests out on the streets again, and the unions to strike. Just wait for it.

On the Covid issue, health workers must vaccinate, mandatory. With a very wide rage of the word “Health worker”. In his speech health worker is anyone taking care of vulnerable people. So guessing also the police and firemen will be included here.

And we know that the unions there already said no to mandatory actions when it comes to vaccines.

Then for the normal people. The health pass will be used in a much wider rage than now. from 21st of July you need it for all gatherings with more than 50 people and from 1st of August also when you go out to a cafè, restaurant, mall etc. Think “everything” with more than 1 person involved.

I do not oppose this, its easy to get the health pass, even if I wish it was possible to test the QR codes to be sure they actually work (now I know you can upload them on the app, but then the new code can’t be tested as a private person). What I wonder is if the timeline is a bit narrow.

No problem to impose new rules but you need to have the infrastructure in place first. Cause who will check the QR codes in a busy cafè? Do the owner need to hire someone for that or is it something the state need to provide?

What happens if someone refuse to leave when they don’t have the pass? Is it up to the owner of the place to kick them out or will we see more police on the streets, if so where do they come from?

What about tourists? If you need proof of full vaccination or a test result no older than 48 hours, must tourists take a test every second day just to be able to go out for a meal? And now when the test will cost you, will tourists spend more than a short weekend in France? If so, won’t boost the tourism industry.

And what about buses, Metro etc, more than 50 persons for sure.

But this way to impose rules on people without having the infrastructure in place first is typical for politicians nowdays, cause everything must go fast fast fast. If it is Corona rules or city planning it’s the same problem. First the law then the infrastructure.

Not smart, but it’s how they do it.

So we will see how this is going to work, all start on the 21st of July and since I have my health pass the only thing that worries me is that I have no idea if the QR code works or not. I want to confirm it works.

Have a nice day now peeps


Today he speaks again

Macron will speak again today, so the new cases numbers is still on yesterdays numbers… We guess its to not give us a chance to guess what he will say. But I guess some stuff will be a bit easier from next week. We are under the 5000 new cases a day.

Maybe stores can open again? A café perhaps with the restrictions as before the last lock down and all after 30th of November?

We will see



Today, at 10h55, will Emperor Macron speak to the nation and beside the fact that his citizens expect him to talk more about Belarus, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Armenia the current Corona situation rains on his parade and now France expect at least something from him about he next steps for France.

Let us guess, he will most likely say something in the line of its a bad situation, The French need to follow the recommendations etc… Then in one or two days he will let the PM give the bad news, new restrictions. It is how he works.


Friday fun

Friday fun, on one hand end of the week work and use lunch to wash up the memory foam madras. Not the complete madras, but I noticed it is possible to take off the cover so go for it. Not easy at all and when looking at the washtag, placed inside, the text said “only wash with a damp cloth. As if, after all that work…. So in the washing machine, and it worked at the end. Bur I also decided to look for a new bed, French ISO.

And today Macron changed the Government, one of the few people I like in French politics, M Philippe, Taken from The :

I guess its a wild try to save some face before the elections 2022, but still a mistake by Macron. I hope M Philippe will run against him.

The first picture today is of the Championet… I watched them cleaning the place up today so maybe they will open soon. So I can develop some anxiety that I must stay inside for some more time. More will follow.

Tar care and have nice weekend.



Picture screen dump from France24 direct during Macrons speech.

So, the Presidents speech to the nation today sounded more like an election speech to save his Mayor candidates on the 28th of June when France vote for the Mayor seats. Not much on the rules for normal people, starting next week.

First to hold a speech on Sunday saying that we are supposed to go back to work from Monday is not well prepared, it’s stupid. People do not prepare for going to work and school opening in 10 hours.

But good to hear that the globalist Macron promised to not take down historical monuments and that the French must support the police.

Then why he had to speak about the green movement and save the environment is for me a mystery, not what the people want to know right now.

Me, who already have OK to work from home Monday and Tuesday will do so, and then we will see. I have to plan a medical visit and see what my doctor say how I shall continue my life now when Paris is supposed to be open as normal from tomorrow.

Let´s see


11th of May 2020

So, President Macron made his speech on how long the French Lock down and confinement will last and the date is the 11th of May 2020.

Expected, but not in the way I thought. I was sure the time will be until the end of May, but I also thought they should give us the bad news in chunks of 14 days. So I do appreciate to have know it will be far into May before we can see some part of the French life return to normal. But I am also sure it won’t be all of us at the same time.

So now the goal is to keep sane in single confinement, since it is not a lot of social contact when you live on your own. Also try to find a way to work from home for one more month. But how work will react on todays news will most likely be for us to take more vacation days.

For me, I will see if I can continue my French lessons on line (even if most are daytime), and maybe add some classes. Get some order in life. One more month in sweatpants is not an option, I need to get up and get dressed, plan the days and go out the hour we can each day. Too see some people and not only for food and HEETS.

Maybe use more social networks to chat and not only post things on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But as said, we will see how work reacts first but hopefully we will be able to take a longer break during the day for French on line, and be on line for work longer in the evenings.

Keep safe


Da Buzz

Besides being a pop band and the former Prime Minister of Sweden favorite band a buzz is also an rumor flying around and from yesterday the word is that on Friday the strike takes a new turn here in Paris… Well, if true we had 4 normal days. But seriously, the big unrest, sorry, demonstrations been on Thursdays since the beginning of December 2019, awful enough, but on a Friday? People want to go home, prepare the weekend and maybe even start the weekend with a small apéro after work. Apéro, the French AW (After Work), normally also includes food. Not only, as in Sweden, the famous “I stay for one beer”, and 6 beers later you find yourself out clubbin’.

So the unions here have decided to attack the weekends and go crazy on a Friday. Merci Beaucoup!!! For me another issue raised, my French Classes start on Friday and Inlingua is located kind of behind Champs Elysees. A total blockage of Champs Elysees is not unheard of when the Unions and Yellow west movement destroy peoples way back home after work so I don’t know if I shall cancel or not. If I cancel today the lesson is moved into the future but if I cancel tomorrow it’s “used”, strike or no strike.

And in all this I start to think that with Marine Le Pen in charge some order will return to the streets of Paris, remember that Macron did not win the President election cause people loves him, the reason were they don’t like the alternative, in this case Le Pen. But I’m sure she would have contracted the Légion étrangère to take care of the strike horny part of the population.

Yes, that is how tiered I am of the Unions and the Pension discussions in France at the moment. I am so sorry, I will be nicer to you all when life is back to normal.


Never give a New Year Resolution

I usually never give a New Year Resolution but at least I tried to think positive when opening my bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut on New Years eve and decided that 2020 will be the year when I don’t higher my blood pressure with things I actually can’t do anything about.

Things in 2019 I was more upset by than what was good for me: Greta Thunberg, The Paris Strike, The closure of Le P’tit Boulevard, Ligne 13 at the Metro, Really stupid Eurovision Fans, The fees for Dentists, the fact that HR can’t explain all the deductions done on the pay slip, the pay slip never arrive on, for me, time, the Afghan immigrant problem so over the top badly handled by the Swedish Government and the fact that the Afghans end up in camps in Paris… Yes, there was a lot of things in 2019 taking up energy and time.

But this resolution, now 8 days old, cracked like the mirror in the Agantha Christie thriller. The strike gives me cerebral haemorrhage and Greta Thunberg keeps annoy me une masse (but I have managed to not blog, tweet or scream on Facebook about it so far this year).

Ligne 13, as someone said in the beginning of the French strike, “Who knew we would miss ligne 13!” – and that is true… Who knew?

But I know I have some huge decisions, far from New Years resolutions made in a fog of Madame Ponsardin special lemonade, in front of me this year, most likely you will notice it when we get there.

Until then I keep on counting minutes it takes to get to work and back home from work. So far an “easier” ride in the mornings than trying to get home. I will try to send bill to Macron for lost hours when the strike is over, cause he is obvious more interested in whats going on in Australia than in the Country he is supposed to Govern.

Have a nice day