Etikettarkiv: nationaldagen

Swedens National day

Today we celebrate two things, the first Saturday after the opening up of the Cafés and bars in Paris. No I won’t use that opportunity tonight, but maybe go out and see how the French tackle the fact that they can sit outside with a bottle of wine. I guess, since it is the first weekend it will be too crowded.

The next celebration is the invented Swedish National day. A day we did not have a few years ago and since then the Government have worked hard to try to make the National day a “real” day to celebrate. Even if all Swedes know it is Midsummer people celebrate. And most Swedes of my generation actually hate the fact that to make this day a bank holiday they took away a holiday that always was a long weekend. Who celebrates 6th of June if you not free the day after? Seriously?

But it is what we have at the moment, and new Generations won’t remember the long weekend and might actually celebrate the 6th of June as the National day… Who knows.

Have a nice weekend


final countdown and national day

Today it’s the day before the Concert with Mylène as well as the Swedish National day, a national day without any purpose really. It is a “hittepå” (made up) National day and not even close to the Norwegian or French once.

The Swedish National day was created out of jealousy in 1983, you know: All other countries have a National day why don’t we?

So they took one bank holiday giving the Swedes a long weekend each year and moved it to the 6th of June (a day moving around in the calendar and only creates bridge days or take place on a Saturday or Sunday.

But it gives the Royal Family something to once a year so we don’t pay for them doing nothing. That’s nice of us.

But always remember that the real National day in the peoples minds is “Midsommarafton”.

But I put up the Swedish flag at my desk and wish all Swedes in France (or elsewhere) a nice National day and look forward to the concert tomorrow and try to forget the dentist today.