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City snow

Yesterday, even before lunchtime, a rumor spread in the office… Snow on it’s way, again, second time this Paris winter and 15 cm, they say 15 cm!!!

And of course soon the office was divided into different groups with their own opinion on snow (this is not only a Paris thing it happens world wide).

The Panic Group – First question… Can I even travel back home? Do i need to stay in the office, have we stocked up water, food and batteries?

The dreamers – Oh it’s so beautiful, white landscapes or a snowy Place de la Concorde, children playing in the white snow and many many selfies will be uploaded on Instagram.

The City Snow pack – Oh wait for a minute, we live in a huge city, snow wont stay snow will turn to water, freeze and then turn to ice NOT optimal for people to walk around in.

The three groups do not communicate well together but let me as a native Scandinavian tell the world one thing. Snow and winter is ONLY beautiful on postcards and winter is fun if you visit and can leave it again. And snow falling in big cities, depending of the degrees, can only turn into two different scenarios. Wet and slippery or huge amounts of snow blocking everything and create the chaos expected by the Panic Group mentioned above.

Winter is, and will continue to be hell on earth… D’accord?


Snow in Paris

As you all can see snow in Paris is as grey, boring, wet and cold as in Stockholm. The world need to learn that snow only look good on postcards and maybe in the Alps if it’s sun at the same time.

My mantra today among the French and other nationalities I work with, who all think they love this, is wait until you have spent a week in a city with real winter… Then snow is the main reason for promoting global warming.


Låt oss slippa mer nu

Mars 2018, snö snö och mer snö i Paris.

Låt oss nu lägga mars 2018 bakom oss och se fram emot lite vår en gnutta sol och kanske lite värme när vi slagit om till april.

Hade en lite förhoppning om att mina 5 lediga dagar över påsk skulle erbjuda en del vår men även om en del sol synts mellan varven så har majoriteten av dagarna varit grå och kalla. Resultat, inte mycket har blivit gjort. Så nu sitter man sista dagen av påskledigheten med både privata “måsten” och en del jobb som jag helt enkelt inte kan flytta fram.

Men erkänn nu av bilden att Paris i snö är en sorglig syn.