Etikettarkiv: Staycation

More “Staycation”

Or in Swedish, “Hemester”. As sur, we all have huge amount of time to do all the things we usually tell ourselves we don’t have time to do. So why do I find myself, on a Sunday, in my sofa watching “Star Trek”? Not working on the website, not doing a real cleaning in kitchen and bathroom or try to understand why I all of a sudden get rashes after shaving? Not a pretty sight at the moment… Not only getting older now I have red spots in the face looking like some kind of infection.

Nice? Not at all.

So we will see, how next week will turn out, maybe I actually can be more up to the tasks pending domestically.



I have a feeling staycation won’t be any fun at all, sit inside in a too hot apartment watching the “Star Trek” bundle and the “Dynasty” box drinking Perrier or if its fiesta time maybe go for a Orangina.

Another toying thing is that I booked my time for the stress test by sending an email to the clinic. Now trying to book a time for the ultrasound they email back, “call us”.

Why not, “We don’t take bookings by emails, next time call us but for now we suggest….” All since they actually took time to write an answer in the first place.

My staycation won’t really start until I have done the ultrasound and visited the dentist, then I will relax.