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So now it begins for me

The Eurovision season really starts for me tomorrow with the French selection demi final 1.

Until then I hope to be able to update you all with MY history of the Eurovision and why I think the show and contest turn more and more boring and yet more and more popular.

#Eurovision #Eurovisionsongcontest #bjornnordlund


Mello 2019 – Swedish only

Den riktiga startskottet

Idag presenterades alltså artisterna som skall kämpa om äran att resa till Tel Aviv och ta telefonröstrevansch för svensk räkning. Jag ska i detta nu inte skriva så mycket mer för det ska få sjunka in en smula först. Detta med att storheter som Omar förnamn och Omar efternamn är med, Arja som kommer knocka den effekt och showhungriga ESC publiken om hon hamnar i Israel för att inte tala om storheter som Marget…


Been a while

So, long time since any posts

Yes, sorry for this but life goes on and time flies so what to do as they say in India?

Since last I have been visiting Sweden and both Norrköping and Stockholm on the agenda and this evening I will (in Paris) take my not so petit body to a concert. No time between leaving work and going to the venue. I hate that, I want to shower and change clothes to at least look like a fan of pop… But no.

But going back in time, visited Norrköping to pay my respect to the people in the family grave, it was All Saints Day after all and planned to meet with more people than the once I actually managed to meet up with during two days.

Stockholm, also for 2 days, kind of being Stockholm as always. Just some shopping, a few beers with friends and not so much more. Stockholm is not all that…

But now back in France I hope to be able to post more.


Soon time for a….


So it’s soon time for a “Tunnbrödrulle” in Sweden, a real one, a “the best hang over food ever” rulle.

Maybe the picture of this specific Sibylla kiosk in Norrköping might be the wrong one to talk about Tunnbrödrulle, since this specific Kiosk has a “Grillspett” (or had in the 70s) you can die for… But it will be visited during my time in Norrköping, visit the site again for updates


A brave idea for Sweden

Let us vote.

As all the world know by now the Swedish election in September 2018 created a chaos and left us elected politicians with no plan and ready to break the promises made to the voters without any second thoughts just so they can rule.

To hear Swedish politicians at the moment… My God, it’s a politic in line with the fantastic UK classic comedy show “Yes Minister” and “Yes Mr Prime Minister” – They are clueless.

SO, since they can’t decide and are willing to sell their souls let us forget the risk of a re-election, no one want that, neither the politicians or the people of Sweden, and do something brave.

We know all people who voted in the election, let them decide by using the amazing little app called BANK ID. The same app who allows Swedes to do everything from logging in to official sites, do their tax return, pay bills and so on…

Use this app for identification and instead of a election just do a Gallup with two alternatives:

  • Do you want a right wing Prime Minister?
  • Do you want a left wing Prime Minister?

And then negotiate after the result from the Gallup. Cause right now when the two candidates who lost the most in the election fight to be the Prime Minister it’s completely ridicule.

And why only the people who voted in the election? Cause they are the once created this situation and must have had an idea if they wanted a left or right wing leader…

I also think such a Gallup can keep up the % of the people who votes cause a new election will for sure not reach any “more than 90%” cause right now politicians in Sweden have lost all their credit with the people…

So let’s gallup


The miracle of service

Just try to understand why?

I booked Hotel for my upcoming visit to Norrköping and Stockholm but… Only one confirmation email reached me so… Log in again and went to the “contact us” page on

Please look at the question page AND the email received…

So, First the ask a question 1. “For more personal service ask your question”

Then the answer “We cannot answer personal questions”

Say WHAT??????


When the salary is late


When something is late it’s never a good sign. Late bus, late train or even the late flights, no good. Late for a meeting, women when the “curse” is late or when someone hand over the really important power point presentation late (second before you need it).

But one thing bugs me a lot, when the salary is late. For heavens sake you had ONE job.

In my case a late pay check means I can’t transfer money in time for my loan, Abracadabra, 50 euro penalty. And do work take care of that? Not likely.

Just bugs me

  • In a Global world when banks have offices all over Europe why cant the same bank in France take over the loan? To save transfer fees for me?
  • Why do the 3 bank day rule exist? If the bank need money there is no three days but transfer does.

Globalization is not for the man on the floor


Now official

If U not noticed, it’s official, summers over.

Yes, from 30 degrees to what I consider as minus degrees even it it’s not. And the dark dark mornings. Not as bad in Paris as in Sweden when you during winter with no problem at all can miss daylight completely if you have normal office hours. And I said it before, if anytime of the year Sweden need daylight saving it’s during winter, NOT summer.


Today’s IKEA

You said it’s a what?

I don’t know if I can say I love IKEA, but the facts clear, when your incomes not in the level of people walking around on humongous lawns hitting small balls with a stick or run around together with others on a smaller but still big lawn trying to push a ball into a goal made of three sticks and a net, you need to downsize your furniture budget and shop everything from a sofa to a bookshelf covering a complete wall in flat, brown boxes from IKEA.

And if you not Scandinavian the IKEA catalog is a bundle of joy reading the names of the furniture. As a swede a bit easier, most of the times you know if the name is taken from a city, if it is a first name or just a Swedish word. You get the lingo and try to explain it as much as you can to the poor French man trying to say: “OXHULT” or the Spanish lady’s  “FROSTA”.

But to explain the logic behind the rocking horse, looking like an elk, named “Ekorre” is fu***** impossible. So I let them say Ekorre and say “no, its a make believe word”.

Gunghäst – Rocking horse

älg – Elk (moose) – wapiti

Ekorre – squirrel – écureuil