Etikettarkiv: Sun

Strange weekend

Sometimes the Gods deciding weather don’t give you a chance. It was said to be a fantastic sunny and warm spring weekend, I even planned some outdoors things to do but no.

Rain, cold and no sun in sight until now, late afternoon Sunday. But on the other hand the kidney stones stayed calm all weekend, hopefully next week will continue this way cause I have a week of focus in front of me. Nothing can be out of focus the upcoming week.


Take off day

Then its time for me to leave this grey rainy weather and have 7 days in the sun. Not planned, but two days ago I felt that NO I do need chance to some sun even if I’m normally not lucky when it comes to weather when Im abroad.

Hopefully I will be able to update you during the week, no computer with me but I will bring the pad.


No more summer?

Is the summers gone now?

It seems like the heat gone from being on to off and even listening to Agentha Fältskogs cover of “The heat is on” no longer helps. But its not that bad really. Outside its still not cold here in Paris. Looking at Photos on Facebook and Instagram from friends “enjoying” different evening activities in Sweden it seems to be winter, Canada Goose in August? Seriously?

And we still wait for the French rentrèe, the official end of the French summer.

But it did rain this morning, strange experience. I almost forgot that it rains in Paris if not a whole day at least once a day.