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Testresults, done

So, my 6 month check up done, and even the doctor turned out to be surprised. All the results, we usually look at, turned to be much better.

The test

Look at the dip, and it’s only cause of the workouts, nothing else. And I have gone from pre-diabetes to not at all… But I also need to keep it up, which gives another aspect to the results… I want to rest!!! I want to eat, a bit tiered of being hungry with spaghetti legs 24/7.

On the bad side, my noradrenalin and cortisol is over the roof, and show that I’m obviously extremely stressed at the moment… Without knowing it. And both is bad for the heart, risk too clog things up and that is something I have to avoid. Can only sadly say it most likely caused by the situation at work and the stress to manage to do the workouts every day. We will see how it looks next time.

But today at 07h51 I must say I been a good boy today.

2021 10 15 07h51

Have a TGIF now


TGIF 8 October 2021

First of all, have a nice Friday… Just like I know, you all know, a weekend is a very short happening… But the only joy we have.

Today I did my workout in the morning, perfect when it’s possible, but it’s now a fact… Cardio people like mornings, the muscle builders don’t. As you can see in the picture of the day, the muscle makers is missing in the early hours and everywhere when you go to the gym in the afternoons.

Now the time is 09h45 and already 14.802 steps and 12.6 km – ok I must say. Unfortunately it’s also Friday, weight day, and after last weeks huge weight loss I expect it to go up today, hopefully not more than 50% of what I lost last week. But I have eaten to much bread this week, and cinnamon rolls at the Cinnamon roll day. So it won’t be fun to be honest.

Also today, blood tests before next weeks 6 month check up, and when I get the results, if the results not better I think I give up… Now I have lost weight, workout (408 days in a row) something must have changed in the test results.

But we will see.

And I will give the last France Covid update tomorrow, it’s time to go fram daily updates to only post if there is a huge change.

TGIF, take care


TGIF, and Klarna

Yes, again, TGIF… And every Friday I use TGIF as a tag it feels like Fridays arrives very often… While the weeks feels like they never ends… Strange things. It’s like weekends, 1 hour on a Saturday can’t possible be as long as 1 Monday hour.

And why bring Klarna up here? Cause it is a shit company who taken over too much of the digital payment market in Sweden, and fuck things up. Let me explain, from what I noticed.

I have 2 Swedish Master Cards still in use, why? First of all to get a credit card in France is a nightmare and I do not plan to be in France for the rest of my life and want to keep my bank accounts.

All of a sudden the banks start to work together with Klarna and every time I buy something Klarna check with the Swedish population register, which now (since 2 months back) block all payments.

Calling the bank they say, “no we have never been able to have customers not living in Sweden”, upon I provide them with the letters from 2015 where I asked if I could keep the accounts and cards when I moved abroad, upon they answered “yes”. They have also, since 2015, sent the bills (paper) and new plastic cards to my French address. And around 2 months ago they changed to only digital invoices, and thats when all this started. And, even if it’s just a guess, they now use Klarna, cause way back, I have never been able to buy anything from webstores using Klarna, all cause I don’t have a Swedish address.

So, for fucks sake open up for EU at least. Happy enough to say Im not the only one who hates Klarna.

From that, welcome to this weeks Covid in France update:

And again then, TGIF



First, before talking about what happened yesterday with ABBA, Today it’s now 08h41 and I have 12.686 steps on my step counter, it’s 10.8 km, yes I feel very good about myself, even if it’s not Swedish at all.

What is Swedish is ABBA, and yesterday was the day when 5 million Swedes joined a lot of people around the world watching a YouTube channel. ABBA is back.

So what happened? Two new songs was presented, the “ABBA-tar” project was introduced, none of the two surprised anyone, been gossiping about that for weeks. BUT, what we knew before yesterday was the release of 4 new songs, so the surprise here was they recorded a new album, release November 2021.

About the show yesterday, the avatars, called “ABBA-tars”, looked scary, I’m still not onboard even if I get it, and when in London most likely will try to get tickets.

The two songs presented yesterday was a ballad I think reminded me a lot about ABBA ballads, will take a while before it stick in my mind. The uptempo song was a banger though, will be played a lot the upcoming months, for sure. And Swedish radio already repeat it over and over. Heard it twice before 6 o’clock this morning.

But overall the show felt very “Café Norrköping” (a so called café tv show, like a poor mans American late night talkshows), not as professional as I thought, very low key and all over the place. And when it ends with a view of a German ABBA fan crying over the new songs… Oh my God…

But I am happy that woke Björn Ulveaus not fell in the trap to write a “Hymn for Greta” or peace on earth, save the climate lyrics. It was a risk.

So bad show, good songs and we wait for the album. So I will get back to ABBA in a few months.

And we end with the current Covid situation in France.


TGIF No 33

So, week 33, and finally TGIF again. Productive week locked up in my own little bubble of tasks at work, workouts in the afternoon, cursing at myself for repeating to forget to start my “outdoor cycling” timer on my iWatch (at least in one direction, going home or work), and the not so pleasant realization that the 15 minute program for washing workout clothes heavily impact your electric bill.

So overall it’s been a fantastic week, actually not stress. Not even the knowledge that budgets is coming up made me go bananas.

So for that reason I published this little poll on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram:

Guess the hidden animal and I might party tonight, I have in a clever way air brushed the animal out of the picture.

Let’s see if there will be a bottle of Casal Garcia tonight. Most likely I will keep myself in my apartment since I have stuff to do tomorrow morning and need to stand up and be ready for the gym, if not very early, at least no to late.

And the Covid count for France:

Again, not the best of statistics when you think of the fact that the spread of the virus goes up in the fall and winter…

But forget about it, and have a nice TGIF and weekend


TGIF? Friday 13th

Friday the 13th, last Friday before the manager leave for vacation, what can go wrong? Sort of…

So let us stay in a good mood and think Friday, even if Im sure my evening will end in another way than I planned… And to be honest, its Friday 13 and also weight day, up on that scale and either scream “FOOD” or cry for a few hours.

We also have the weekly Covid in France report, a bit wrong this week cause I forgot to put the dates in the print screens, so I ended up having no idea….

And then, even if it is a joke post from this girl, it is more or less how I look at people under 40 y.o.

With that I leave you for your own Friday 13th and TGIF13



I thought this was a perfect morning to write a happy post on TGIF and how this day might, I say MIGHT, be a good day at work when colleagues take a day off after returning from the Conference this week.

Instead, arriving to Madeleine Church and Place de la Concorde you find yourself in the middle of a rehearsal for the National Day celebrations, so between Madeleine and Concorde I been stopped 3 times, asked to take another route when I was stopped for the second of the three, all to be stopped by military the third time.

And I promise you all the police who stopped me the second time only asked me to re-route and meet the military people, only did it cause he did not want to take a decision to let me in at work.

All this leaves me with the absurd love for parades the French have. As a Swede, who only see military parades in Stockholm when they change the guard at the Royal Palace (and really more for tourists than anything else) it is only stupid. Especially when they must close the city for rehearsals (and we have not seen the rehearsals with the planes yet.

OK, I buy it, it’s a cultural thing you must deal with cause it won’t change. But I hope, someday in the future, that the National day is more about celebration and fun than in this pompous way focus on a France that’s no longer here.

Also, todays weekly Corona report, we do not go in the right direction at the moment:

The Delta is taking over and also some news about the vaccines, Sweden will give a third and fourth injection from September to all vaccinated people whom been vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer, to fight Delta over winter. Where the 4th will be in combination with the normal flue vaccine.

I do not want that to happen, I seriously don’t want more vaccines at the moment – please….

So, I end this with what was my initial intension today, a huge TGIF


Go to…

First a very respectful “Go to he**” to all you out there thinking that it is genetic that humans know how to put a chain back on a bike when it malfunction. I am one of those people who almost ask the neighbour to help with changing light bulbs, I am not a handy man! N’est pas

Beside that little issue the chain is back on and I hope I never have to drag the bike through the streets of Paris to the repairman ever again. It did not even close the green ring on the exercise app – so kind of nothing for it.

And we get closer to the 9th of June when France open up a bit more, will be interesting to see what kind of rules my employer will come up with for the French staff.

And the Covid situation is as follows:

Have a nice weekend – and Swedes… Plan for the 6th of June now