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They gave up…

Lately the gym been crowded, more or less since the new year, until yesterday when it all of a sudden turned empty!!!! I don’t know if it is the “I will start a new life next year” people who gave up, or if it is Covid spreading in the gym. But so nice to be more or less alone. If no windows I could even treadmill in the nude.

Covid report this week

Too give up… Or more cave in, I actually got myself a Spotify account yesterday… I got a Apple Music account last year and hated it, so now I try Spotify (I feel so modern) cause someone promised me I could buy music in Spotify as well as stream. That turned out to be a lie, so now I am already disappointed.

At the same time it’s a wonderful project to create all the playlists again and just be a nerd. Love it…

But also noticed that the release dates are wrong in Spotify, which will make me go ballistic, and I have not even tried yet to import all the music files I have, which is missing in Spotify!? So we will see how this will end… I guess I go back to iTunes at the end and curse at them for not having a perfect statistic program built in. Why can’t I find the perfect provider?

But, today is TGIF, and hopefully I will be able too cut my hair during lunch… We will see if my colleagues allow that to happen. And of course the salon, I have no idea if they have any slots free, now soon.


10 December TGIF

Can you say “TGIF” when you work the weekend? Not really, but it feels good to say it, and it’s only on Sunday I work so… A small “tgif”, miniscule!!!

And who knows, maybe the pre-conference PCR test today comes out positive, then it will really be interesting. Again we know we have new cases since Wednesday this week, but no information to the staff, so an official secret.

I am to old for this shit, really…

Try to enjoy the weekend, work or no work.


Again we are here

Here? Where? – You guessed it… TGIF. Looking so much forward to the end of this workday even if I am aware this weekend is cleaning, dusting and laundry. Put the current work situation in some perspective.

But it is TGIF, so…

Go Puff in the weekend

And maybe even more important, why not some new badges?

Enjoy your weekend and remember sometimes wine is the only solution.



The Christmas hysteria is ongoing and will raise like it was a new variant of the Covid infection. New record again since summer:

2021 11 25

And most of the Christmas is actually manageable, Not like I need to run around buying stuff to give away on the 24th. But the work things… Seriously, we are colleagues not best friends or family. I see these people 5 days a week, 8 hours, all year around. Why would I have any serious urge to add more time. I see you more than friends and family!!!!

But I have been able to avoid most of the dinners, parties and cocktails at work since 1982, and where I work now I only joined the year when it was a cocktail, no dinner, and walking distance back home.

So this year they try too lock us in on a boat! You can’t even leave when you want, or leave for a while when people go crazy over some dish I most likely never will eat.

So I repeat, all activities any employer want me to take a part of needs to take place under normal office hours OR be paid as overtime. If not? Sorry my free time is mine.

TGIF – peeps



Let’s see, Im kicked out of office cause of my cold so since it might be a Cornona infection (even if it’s only my nose and voice that is affected) Im not allowed in…

Should be not working at all then or? And do we need to go home as soon as we have a small cold now in the winter?

But let us celebrate a TGIF, Orangina and today with a kidney stone attack as well, so I am in good mood – NOT


TGIF – Abba release

And try to build a bridge between the headline here and the picture… Not possible, and unfortunately the photo do not show the real truth. The guys black shoes, behind the girls black and white ones, must be the largest shoes I have seen in my life. Humongous feet. Could hardly fit into the Metro car.

Let us forget that…

Downloaded the new Abba album, and enjoyed it during this mornings workout. Not over impressed to be honest, but you get the ABBA feeling and I guess what it’s all about at the end.

Most likely I will come back to the ABBA issue later when I have a few more hours of their album under the belt.

And with that, todays TGIF pic

TGIF from the Instagram account “wildlifedairy” & yes, you can see it’s most likely photoshoped


TGIF – Friday 29th of October

Good start of the Friday, hit the objectives in the gym and got back home, open the computer and… There are days and there are days – today is one of those days.

And with that in my mind I kind of see the weight in today. The question is not IF I gained any kilos this week, more how many kilos I gained this week. We know at 17h00. But fact is I have not been able to workout in full since I do it in the morning now and for some reason I must go to work in the morning. And I only did one day with a second workout after work. To balance the shorter workout mornings I need to do at least two 30 minute extra.

I also kind of completely ignored the diet this week.

Covid? Promised no more weekly updates, but now when the new cases is up again in France I add a few days here

TGIF, at least try too – Björn


Yes, yesterday just kept on delivering all kind of shit ending with the news that CDON bought Discshop – not a word about it before so I had a chance to buy some DVDs I kind of waited too buy. And CDON is a shit company, and do not deliver outside Scandinavia. So it will be tough to get Swedish movies on DVD now.

With that in mind, have nice weekend now


Testresults, done

So, my 6 month check up done, and even the doctor turned out to be surprised. All the results, we usually look at, turned to be much better.

The test

Look at the dip, and it’s only cause of the workouts, nothing else. And I have gone from pre-diabetes to not at all… But I also need to keep it up, which gives another aspect to the results… I want to rest!!! I want to eat, a bit tiered of being hungry with spaghetti legs 24/7.

On the bad side, my noradrenalin and cortisol is over the roof, and show that I’m obviously extremely stressed at the moment… Without knowing it. And both is bad for the heart, risk too clog things up and that is something I have to avoid. Can only sadly say it most likely caused by the situation at work and the stress to manage to do the workouts every day. We will see how it looks next time.

But today at 07h51 I must say I been a good boy today.

2021 10 15 07h51

Have a TGIF now


TGIF 8 October 2021

First of all, have a nice Friday… Just like I know, you all know, a weekend is a very short happening… But the only joy we have.

Today I did my workout in the morning, perfect when it’s possible, but it’s now a fact… Cardio people like mornings, the muscle builders don’t. As you can see in the picture of the day, the muscle makers is missing in the early hours and everywhere when you go to the gym in the afternoons.

Now the time is 09h45 and already 14.802 steps and 12.6 km – ok I must say. Unfortunately it’s also Friday, weight day, and after last weeks huge weight loss I expect it to go up today, hopefully not more than 50% of what I lost last week. But I have eaten to much bread this week, and cinnamon rolls at the Cinnamon roll day. So it won’t be fun to be honest.

Also today, blood tests before next weeks 6 month check up, and when I get the results, if the results not better I think I give up… Now I have lost weight, workout (408 days in a row) something must have changed in the test results.

But we will see.

And I will give the last France Covid update tomorrow, it’s time to go fram daily updates to only post if there is a huge change.

TGIF, take care