Etikettarkiv: Ukraine

Easter Bunnies

They are out now, the bunnies of Paris. One of them made my stop for a while looking at a vase in the window of a glass boutique close to the Place de la Concorde. I have seen this blue vase on Favebook, over and over so it was nice to see it live. I also notices the price this time, EURO 4700 – Seriously, for a glass vase. Buy a vase at IKEA (5 minutes walk) and send the money to Ukraine instead.

And as we all guessed yesterday, Le Pen and Macron in a re-match. Might have been exciting if Macrons number went down in the first election. They did not. And I turned to be very surprised how humble Zammour was all of a sudden in his speech to the Nation after the election. Only 7% and he kind of took all upon himself and it all felt a bit Mea Culpa.. Only the whip missing.

But now it will soon be over.


Not a game

This morning turned out to be a nightmare workout. Usually the first 30 minutes is tough, but today… I think I was ready to give up at 15, 30, 40, 50 minutes before I managed to hit the 60 minute objective of the day. All with the, so far, selected Eurovision song in my ears.

Maybe that was the real problem… Not many is workout friendly this year of the battle of the ballads.

Also, keep in mind I needed to remember what to pack for a one day trip to Belgium, which will be an interesting trip. I, who prefer to go straight to the end station will now jump on and off local transport to reach the destination, a nightmare for someone who’s born without any kind of sense of direction.

Going from Gare de Nord won’t be a problem, but to keep awake and get off at the right place and then find the right commuter train will be the challenge of the day. So it is a mix of “seeing something new, is needed to keep sane” and “Oh my God I want to catch a cold and go home and be sick for a week”. At the end, I am surprised over the change in me, going from “I love to travel in work” – person to a “Can I please work from home forever and never need go out at all” individual.

Hopefully I will update you all with some photos from Belgium tomorrow.

Until then, think of The Roop and their new single release. All income from sales and streams will go to support Ukraine. They also announced to give all their merch to Ukraine (clothes etc).

The new single from The Roop


Yellow and Blue

He seems to hate everything yellow and blue the good old Putin. According to the US UN Ambassador Putin, in a letter, said he will invade Sweden as well. By chance the same day Russian bomb planes flew in over Swedish territory.

But at the same time, no one seems to have seen this letter, but it can be the letter sent to Swedens government where Russia wanted guarantees that Sweden won’t join the NATO.

So we will see…

More on my personal side I will do the lab tests tomorrow, I got the urin sample kit this morning (from a receptionist who need a serious lesson in Service), did a PCR test at work and got the info that we dont need a Covid pass from the 14th of March.

1 day before the date that FHM (Swedish health authority) on their website a month ago informed that we will have a new covid variant.. How they know that 1 month ahead.

It’s not much of a tail, but I am kind of attached to it.


Summer 2021, lay down and die

Now it must be said, shit summer 2021 – the only hope for a winter survival is a mild autumn, outdoor seating without “chauffage” at least until the beginning of November, and real heat September and October.

Just rain rain rain, a typical “inguinal fungal infection” summer.

Summer like the one we have now drain your brain from all hope of joy and will to do anything, not even fun things is fun.

Beside the weather? Sweden lost the Football game yesterday against Ukraine – I will not hear the end of that today when working with Ukrainians. But I think the reason for their victory is playing in the Swedish colors “Blue and Yellow” – So I will fight back any bullying.


With chalk on asphalt

Either some parents will get a chocking inoice to pay for the cleaning of their kids practicing their artistic side, or this is the premonition of digging up my street and make my life hell for a long time. Noise and excavated street and side walks. Or the city of Paris actually finally found out where I live and will now offer me a house with a moa, so I am safe. And no, I do not have exaggerated image of my own importance to the world 2021.

But let us go back in time, today, 12 years ago the site (re named Poplight before it died) invited that years Eurovision artists to Stockholm and I was interviewing the ones signed by Warner.

Unlikely 29th of April 2021, this was a sunny & extremely hot day, so running around in Stockholm between venues, resulted in a really shiny face (shiny a nice way to say I sweated like a waterfall).

So welcome to a walk down Memory lane:

We look at the former Eastern block

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (the cancelled year) the following countries planned to participate: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

I will go on with the most played songs as done Monday and Tuesday this week. Just to keep some of the Eurovision spirit alive, today the former eastern block minus Balkan.


Armenia is one of the countries with the worst track record in Eurovision according to me and the entries I actually listen too at home. But still they manage to qualify for the finals most years. I explain it with the diaspora.

  1. “Anytime” Hayko
  2. “Apricot stone” Eva Rivas
  3. “Qele Qele” Sirusho
Hayko “Anytime you need”


Feel brave today and put Azerbaijan and Armenia together, something we won’t see IRL. Azerbaijan have a much better track record with me than Armenia. They have presented a long line of really good entries.

  1. “Always” Arash & AySel
  2. “Miracle” Samra
  3. “Hour of the wolf” Elnur Huseynov
Arash and AySel “Always”


A new country for Sweden since Belarus nowadays is Belarus also in Swedish. The old name Vitryssland is gone and we are supposed to say Belarus. The boomers geography knowledge is again at risk. And my top three most played list from Belarus is…

  1. “Cheescake” Teo
  2. “I love Belarus” Anastasiya Vinnikova
  3. “Love me tonight” Angelica Agurbash
Teo “Cheescake”


Even as a Eurovision Fan I forget that Bulgaria actually participate in the Contest and must think a long time to actually remember any of their songs. But they are there and I obviously listen to their entries at least a few times every year.

  1. “If love was a crime” Poli Genova
  2. “Angel sin ti” Miro
  3. “Voda” Elitsa and Stoyan
Poli Genova “If love was a crime”

Czech Republic

Another country with maybe not the best track record in Eurovision, but at least they still in the game, not something you can say for their neighbors Slovakia, so kudos.

  1. “Have some fun” Tereza Kerndlova
  2. “My turn” Martina Barta
  3. “Mala dama” Kabat
Tereza Kerndlova “Have some fun”


One of the more exciting countries in Eurovision, every year I think that I have to go there and see this amazing country cause it looks so nice in their postcards. Together with Slovenia I think the tourism industry in Georgia benefit a lot from Eurovision and the postcards they view before the entries in the broadcast.

  1. “Keep the faith” Tamara Gachechiladrze
  2. “Peace will come” Diana Gurtskaya
  3. “Take me as I am” Tornike Kipiani (2020 entry)
“Keep the faith” Tamara Gachechiladrze


High hights or the lowest scores on my list you find Moldova. They either send an amazing song or something I do not understand at all and Europe reacts in the opposite way (usually), when I don’t get it they end up high, with some exceptions.

  1. “Loca” Arsenium and Natalia Gordienko
  2. “Wild soul” Cristina Scarlat
  3. “My lucky day” DoReDos
“Loca” Arsenium and Natalia Gordienko


Not much to say about Poland in the Eurovision really. Never extremely bad but unfortunately never really really good either if we don’t count their entry in 2016, Michal Szpak

  1. “Color of your love” Michal Szpak
  2. “Follow my heart” Ich Troje
  3. “My Slowianie” Donatan and Cleo
“Color of your love” Michal Szpak


Another country with mainly sending either good entries or really bad once. And for many years subscribed on 8 10 12s from Spain! How many Romanians live in Spain?

  1. “Playing with fire” Ovi and Paula Seling
  2. “Miracle” Ovi and Paula Seling
  3. “Yodel it” Ilinca and Alex Florea
“Playing with fire” Ovi and Paula Seling


The most bowed at country in Eurovision history during the voting. But for some strange reason the Eurovision fans don’t express their political views when Sergey represent Russia. Let me guess that 75% of the Eurovision fans find him to yummie to upset…And then all of a sudden the Russian LGBTq politic is forgotten.

  1. “You are the only one” Sergey Lazarev
  2. “A million voices” Polina Gagarina
  3. “Song No 1” Serebro
“You are the only one” Sergey Lazarev


Ukraine have managed to present two of the worst winners in Eurovision history according to me. None of them really good and the last time they won is for me a huge mystery still. The first time I at least could understand that people would fall for the show and vote, but the second time?

  1. “Dancing lasha tumbai” Verka Serduchka
  2. “Under the ladder” Melovin
  3. “Be mz guest” Gaitana
“Dancing lasha tumbai” Verka Serduchka

So that was the third blog post presenting the most played Eurovision entries. The two first can be found HERE 1 and HERE 2


My visitors – encore

Way back I posted a blog post on the fact that I think that people reading (or at least visiting) my blog comes from strange places to visit my website.

There is, let us say, no connection what so ever…

And again, a few months later we have a new scenario

USA? Ukraine? I can say I can see a connection between myself and Sweden and France but China?

Let us see if this continues