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Woke up in France with a new Government in place in Sweden, 4 months after the election. A timeline unheard of in Swedish history and all caused by the fact that Sweden is a democracy which allows minor groups to influence the political roadmap. In the long run what now happened in Sweden just proofs my thesis that democracy is the best option but far from perfect.

Years ago, when the Arab spring took over the news and the western world, politicians, went crazy loving the fact that now democracy spread and wow what a fantastic bright future the world faced. From a European point of view the EU reacted like a kindergarten and leaders supported elections and and made thumbs up on social media in support to free elections, women’s rights, LGBT rights and free speech. Then when the free elections ended up in, from a western countries, not acceptable results he same politicians turned and all of a sudden “wrong” leaders were elected and the western leaders turned out to be against democracy if the people voted in their view in the wrong way.

Sweden, a country who let the rooster comb grow, as the perfect democracy just faced the same phenomenon. In the past election the “wrong” party grow to much and remember that Sweden is a small country so more than one million voters is a huge group voting for the nationalists. This fact made the “old” politic movements wake up to a reality they up until then put aside as an not possible option and gladly sacrificed the democracy to keep the power of the government.

All of a sudden the voters, whom up until now voted for them but changed to the nationalist was one thing and one thing only, racists. I don’t know how they in the past described those people, when they voted for the politicians that was considered as “the good once” cause it is the same voters, not racists voting 2014 but in 2018 a threat, racists and must be kept out of any decision making for the upcoming four years.

This truth ended up in what is the democratic systems problem, no one is satisfied with the outcome since in a panic mood the parties gladly broke all promises made during the election campaigns and new collaborations faced a Sweden who caused of this is a country now in line with many others “Democracy is fantastic as long as the people vote as the politicians want them too”.

So, and keep this in mind, the new Swedish Government, was put in place with 115 YES votes and 153 NO votes in the Parliament. All caused by the alliance of the Liberal movement and Communists all of a sudden working together. You read it correct Communist/Liberals Alliance. All to keep the third largest party out of power (third at the election now the second largest) cause they believe people voted wrong.

Have taste of this and let it sink in and you might end up in the same conclusion as I have done. Democracy might be the best option we have but its far from perfect when the people don’t vote as the politicians want them too.


Sverige fortfarande utan regering

Dagens skämt

Så syltryggarna Centern och det helt och hållet onödiga partiet Centern Light (kallas Liberalerna och har en dildo som partisymbol) röstade alltså emot sina tidigare vänner i den s.k. Alliansen. En Allians som nu är stendöd och Svensk politik har fått ett nytt block, ett “liberalt” block ett 100% onödigt block.

Tyvärr är det 4 år tills vi kan stoppa dom genom att placera nötterna under 4% nivån.

Men kolla bilden, är det verkligen någon som tror att ingen av Riksdagesledamöterna (oavsett parti) verkligen är av en annan åsikt än partilinjens? Gäller främst C, L och SD – mer naturligt att de övriga idag röstade som de gjorde.

Detta är partipiskor och management by fear från partiledningarna. Jag har varit topp tunnor rasande om jag röstat på C och L och dom säger nej till en M/KD regering oavsett orsak.

Notera även att SDs kravlista på M/KD regeringen inte är politik som är mil ifrån vare sig M, KD eller för den delen S. Lång från partierna som lever i andra verkligheter än svenska dock (Läs: V och MP) men inte från de övriga.

Och 4 år till med Stefan L? Vilken mardröm och då bor jag trots allt inte ens i Sverige längre. God Natt Sverige och när blev “att vara liberal” ett skällsord? Det var en gång något bra.


Today Just in Swedish

Hur kan man vilja ha en sån som Statsminister?

Om och om igen upprepade den sittande Statsministern att Alliansen ville sänka skatter med 100 miljarder (källa Aftonbladet) när sanningen är att han då lägger ihop de fyras gäng och deras separata förslag.

Trots tillrättavisning forsätter han med en dåres övertygelse att upprepa samma exempel. Och den har svenskar förtroende för? Vad i “S” valbudget är felkalkylerat på samma sätt? Har han lagt ihop MP, V och S olika besparingar? Eller är det bara motståndarsidans förslag som felkalkylerats?

Sveriges genom tiderna svagaste Statsminister fortsätter dock öka i opinionen och det är ofattbart. Jag kan förstå Vänsterpartiets ökning, även om jag inte gillar den, menjag förstår det bakomliggande. För Löfven borde det peka spikrakt ned mot max 10%.

Sverige… För fan, skärp er.


Sweden – Election on Sunday

National election 2018

The election on Sunday in Sweden might be the most exciting election in modern times in Sweden. But it might also be a “same procedure” since Swedes more or less always protest in polls before an election and then crawl back to the mother ship.

But who knows it might be a new era for Sweden. We, who lives/lived in Sweden the past 50 – 40 years, know that the picture of Sweden abroad is 100% based on the good years which ended early in the early 90s. Today Sweden is more like other European countries high unemployment, problems with immigration and so on.

On the more social side Swedes are as always a bit rude, shy before you learn to know them and panic if they not a part of a pack. Alone? Stand out? Take control of your own life and decisions? NO! And a part of the Swedish herd thinking is that Swedes are one of the most, by the state, controlled citizens.

Might sound a bit hard cause life is easy and nice in Sweden and I love my birth country but I think the world need to change the views on Sweden to in full understand whats happening now with the upcoming election.

So on Monday morning we will know the result from Sundays election and a few days before… Let me guess that the Nationalist party will gain votes since last but far away from what’s been in the polls, The Social democrats will most likely end up with more votes than expected based on polls. The alliance (for right wing parties) influence on politics in the future is 100% depending on the Christ democrats manage to pass the 4% they need to stay in the parliament.

And Moi? ah, I have already voted since I live abroad and the last day for us was early this week – and without giving any clues on what I finally decided it was without a doubt an easier task to know who I won’t vote for then the once I liked and decide between them.

The picture? Oh yes, my colleague though UNICORN and ended up in an office pride celebration…