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Testresults, done

So, my 6 month check up done, and even the doctor turned out to be surprised. All the results, we usually look at, turned to be much better.

The test

Look at the dip, and it’s only cause of the workouts, nothing else. And I have gone from pre-diabetes to not at all… But I also need to keep it up, which gives another aspect to the results… I want to rest!!! I want to eat, a bit tiered of being hungry with spaghetti legs 24/7.

On the bad side, my noradrenalin and cortisol is over the roof, and show that I’m obviously extremely stressed at the moment… Without knowing it. And both is bad for the heart, risk too clog things up and that is something I have to avoid. Can only sadly say it most likely caused by the situation at work and the stress to manage to do the workouts every day. We will see how it looks next time.

But today at 07h51 I must say I been a good boy today.

2021 10 15 07h51

Have a TGIF now



And no, I’m not talking about Chilly White the singer. It’s just cold in the mornings now, and dark. I also understand I have a 5 minute slot to leave my home and have a almost no cars in the street ride, or too late and end up behind delivery trucks, bin collectors and criss crossing mopeds and motorcycles who cause the criss cross get stuck and block the bikelanes.

I’ve said it before, and do it again… IF there will be a serious accident involving moi, it will be with other bikers, mopeds, scooters or pedestrians – not likely a car. But as all over the globe… Why do people driving cars see the use of the blinker as a random tool to play with now and then?

Manufacturers should really put in a device that give a high ear hurting noise in the car if the driver not used the blinker before turning. Like an automatic punishment. And if it happens more than 10 times in a day, the motor shut down for 7 days.

Look at that idea “Decade for road safety”


TGIF 8 October 2021

First of all, have a nice Friday… Just like I know, you all know, a weekend is a very short happening… But the only joy we have.

Today I did my workout in the morning, perfect when it’s possible, but it’s now a fact… Cardio people like mornings, the muscle builders don’t. As you can see in the picture of the day, the muscle makers is missing in the early hours and everywhere when you go to the gym in the afternoons.

Now the time is 09h45 and already 14.802 steps and 12.6 km – ok I must say. Unfortunately it’s also Friday, weight day, and after last weeks huge weight loss I expect it to go up today, hopefully not more than 50% of what I lost last week. But I have eaten to much bread this week, and cinnamon rolls at the Cinnamon roll day. So it won’t be fun to be honest.

Also today, blood tests before next weeks 6 month check up, and when I get the results, if the results not better I think I give up… Now I have lost weight, workout (408 days in a row) something must have changed in the test results.

But we will see.

And I will give the last France Covid update tomorrow, it’s time to go fram daily updates to only post if there is a huge change.

TGIF, take care


Same, same but different

So, cause of a meeting this evening (one I, really not need to taking part of) I needed to plan a bit different today. No gym after work, but in the morning. Actually I arrived 2 minutes before the card started to work, extra points for dedication.

All went well, and as a nice surprise my company turned out to be Sting and Mylène Farmer…

Sting and Mylène Farmer “Stolen car”

Anyway, back home, turbo shower and try to be dry (stress after shower is a fungus infection in the near future) and bike to work.

Going to work in rush hour takes some planning, another route to be a bit more guarded (meaning broad roads, not the narrow ones). But it worked out well, even if I for some reason now have missed to stop the app on my watch when I arrive home or to work. Not good cause it change the daily calorie burning. Instead of 7 km in 20 minutes, 7 km in 1 hour and 20 minutes is not the same.

But all done, workout in the morning, bike to work, and still I’m first in place. But today I have to stay longer than 16h00. I guess the morning workout will be standard when we go back to original core hours.

So, that was this mornings struggle, let us now survive the day.


Strange morning

As you all know I always listen to Swedish radio in the morning before leaving for office (if working from home podcasts). No change in the routine this morning but all of sudden, for the first time since ABBA announced their comeback album no ABBA songs aired. Kind of used to hear the two released songs each morning now, but no… That news getting colder.

So, yesterdays workout… 30 minutes less than normal, but both rings been closed, movement and training.

When I leave later than normal, and for that reason workout later I get stressed and then I jump on the treadmill and start the powerwalk not at all relaxed. And of course I hurt myself. So it will be interesting to see how the workout sessions today and tomorrow (before my surgery) will work out. Cause I have to do the treadmill Friday morning, have no idea if I will be able to workout over the weekend after the surgery. Mostly cause I guess it might be a bit of a fever like the last time.

So that is my update of the day.


Further down the line

If I counted everything correctly, it’s now 8 days left before I can take 2 “non gym” days a week, meaning I have done some kind of activity, counted as workout, for 365 days. Every day, not even one day without a power walk or jogging.

Going through rainy days, winter, Christmas, New Year, fever and flue, outdoors or when the gym been open at the gym. 365 days…

So now, if we listen to people who workout daily, I am supposed to love it. Wrong, I hate it as much as I did day one. I am so tiered of the stress every day to find gymtime and at the same time not change working hours too much. Easiest is the weekends, cause I can do it in the morning, early, and then its done.

OK, I know this is a strange mix of bragging and whining, but it’s how it is.

So, I am so tiered this picture actually make sense:


When the body gives up on you

Saturday, perfect workout… Decided to extend the time on the treadmill as well as the speed, felt great. A few ours later I felt like a stretch in the calves, mainly the left leg. But no real pain.

So after a fun night out, I was home at 2 o’clock (when did that happen last?), during my way down to the 14th Metro using the stairs something popped in the calve, the leg kind of bent and I was unable to walk, seriously unable…

So for todays workout I put my trust into voltaren, and it worked OK, not as fruitful as the workout usually is, but I made my time on the treadmill. But now, late evening, as soon as I have been sitting for a while the leg do not work at all. Hopefully I can take the bike tomorrow, other muscles groups (?).