Télé Travail

At the moment the only perk with working from home is the fact that I can work out before I start to work, and it’s really nice to have everything done before 7h00 in the morning. But at the same time I really don’t know how long I can do this everyday power walk. My legs are again killing me. Now its the calves that decided to give up on their only task in life, to make someone move forward.

Beside that the energy level is kind of zero at the moment… And what before was fun and productive, to work from home is at the moment tougher. The days at the office is easier, and I can’t bring files back and forth daily. Depressed? No, not at all, just a mood at the moment. So don’t worry, I will be back to my normal grumpy me soon. Not this “I don’t care” grumpy.


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