TGIF – Friday 29th of October

Good start of the Friday, hit the objectives in the gym and got back home, open the computer and… There are days and there are days – today is one of those days.

And with that in my mind I kind of see the weight in today. The question is not IF I gained any kilos this week, more how many kilos I gained this week. We know at 17h00. But fact is I have not been able to workout in full since I do it in the morning now and for some reason I must go to work in the morning. And I only did one day with a second workout after work. To balance the shorter workout mornings I need to do at least two 30 minute extra.

I also kind of completely ignored the diet this week.

Covid? Promised no more weekly updates, but now when the new cases is up again in France I add a few days here

TGIF, at least try too – Björn

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