TGIF – Repeat

Finally Friday, and even if its a fact that managers hate Fridays and weekends I will try to keep my spirit up all day, not think dark thoughts and stress all weekend over work at least. I will stress over the fact that I am going to the dentist next week, Tuesday, and you who know me very well are fully aware of the panic a simple visit to the dentist creates in me.

I still wish my phobias at least is about something you really need to be scared of, like war, starvation to be murdered on your way home a late night – but no… Dentists, frozen lakes and Moray eels. What is the logic in that? Seriously…

Another logic thing to be scared of will be Covid, at least with a heart condition, but no… And here are the figures for the passed week…

So that is everything for the day – and let us hope I can take the bike back home this afternoon and avoid Moray eels.


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