The Dentist Dragon

Woke up this morning under the shade of a dragon, must be an omen for this afternoons visit to the dentist. If I was sure to only break a leg I would have thrown myself under the Metro this morning (yes Metro, no bike today cause I’m not sure I find Lourmel going by bike and with my tunnel vision on dentist days I would for sure have either died or killed someone).

In a perfect world we will only meet, do the lower jaw, decide for a new time before his annual vacation, pay and I can leave. Cause this was a mistake to wait this long (for different reasons) instead of following the 3 month schedule set up. This long wait just feed my anxiety.

Only 07h10 in the morning and i panic sweating already

So I do not wish anyone out there a good day, I hope you will suffer like I am ALL day….


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