The world – Björn 1 – 0

A perfect planned day, every little step planned between 06h00 and 17h00, when…

  1. Try to use the treadmill when you suddenly have a blister under the foot. Not a nice feeling
  2. Arrive to work, notice a meeting been added since yesterday, in the middle of the hours I had to pick up the sample cup from the doctor before tomorrows tests
  3. And the already planned meeting, is a no change even if I have NOTHING to do with it
  4. Checked, thanks heaven I checked, the opening hours… Changed, they open 30 minutes earlier.. But close 3 hours earlier, so now I must either take the afternoon off or homework half day
  5. For the 6 year in a row I again forget about the Taxe habitation… How can it be a surprise every year? And how is it possible they place the due dates the Christmas present month? Why not in the spring?

Right now I actually hope for Armageddon


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