After reading about Spain introducing new regulations too fight the Delta variation of Covid, well aware of the French President will speak tomorrow I guess we will have some new restrictions also in France. No, not a lock down, I don’t think they dare too, but most likely we will have the facemasks back outdoors and maybe they will close the just opened nightclubs again. Like they just done in Barcelona. Curfew? perhaps, but if so I guess it will be a late one, Spain went for 1h00 to 6h00, so something like that – but I don’t think a curfew will be re introduced right now.

But for sure they will do something to not let people celebrate too much on the National day on Wednesday.

But it feel a bit hopeless now when the new cases gets higher and higher again.

So the pasted week won’t be in he history books like the best week ever.


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