To dress for it

Second day of no Gym, or Salle du Sport, as the French calls it. Even if there is not much of sport going on in a gym.

It rains and is cold as hell but since I have to do my 60 minutes, or at least try to get close to 60 minutes its just to take it in and go out, dressed for the activity, so let’s be truthful, you look like maniac and a fool. I hope I never meet anyone I know during the upcoming weeks until the gyms will open up again.

Today also the car free day in Paris, no cars allowed… Walk or take your bike is the message. So I try to ask the Collectif Vélo in Paris how they work on this issue cause from my point of view Paris start in the wrong end of things. More and new lanes for the bikes, but nowhere to keep a bike over night if you buy one. The rentals is good if you want to rent one for a quick ride now and then. But if the plan is to bike on a daily basis your own is essential, as bike that fits your needs. But today I have nowhere to keep a bike over night. I have tried to get an answer why the smaller courtyard where I live can’t be made into a parking space for bikes but it seems like they want to keep it as a empty and locked up space.

At the same time, have it in the apartment is not an option, the elevator is to small to take a bike in and I am not ready to carry a bike 6 floors up and down a few times a day. My heart will stop on floor 3.

So the city just do something, a bike today is a huge investment and I’m not ready to get it stolen after a few days, which most likely what will happen. So more parking spaces is a must if Paris want to be like Netherlands or Denmark, as the city claims.

I am even ready to pay a monthly amount to be able to park my bike on a courtyard or indoor parking place close to home. This is something the Collectif Vélo must lobby to be successful.


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