Yesterday I woke up with an huge infection in one tooth, and after a day of pain and a swollen left side of the face I finally could leave work and get penicillin. So hopefully at least visual signed will give in. I actually look like I have 2 heads (or 3 if you are in that spectrum of puns), so facemask is actually very useful right now. Only at work I look like balloon.

But its also worrying, cause with infections like this, over and over, I do have to start the real work on the teeth thing, but seriously, try to get the quoted 9800 Euros from nothing. And I cant start and then stop in the middle so I really need to have the financial aspect covered and have not found any company specialized on loans for dental work here in France. I know there at least was in Sweden years ago.

And the bank, last resort maybe, but a bank loan here must be paid off in 7 years, I noticed that when I wanted to move my Swedish loan to France to save money from the currency conversion – but it actually did not lower my monthly cost cause the time for the amortization is shorter.

Se we will see…

To something more fun, I have now recovered 2015 – 2021 from my destroyed iTunes library. And now in 2014, which gave this top 10 of most played songs over the passed 7 days

With that, over and out, Björn

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