Why Eeyore not depressed

When the alarm sounds and you are ready to wake up, shower, breakfast and leave your little safe place in the world most things in life is actually good – but… How many days in a year do you really keep that feeling of delight for 24 hours?

The meme:

It is how people are told Eeyore is, told by todays curled and security junkies, brought up thinking life is a roller coaster ride for fun. Eeyore is not clinically depressed, he is a realist, things can only get worst and to be able to be happy now and then you need to be miserable.

You will not die by being bored! OK, it’s not fun, but boredom makes you appreciate when you have stuff to do.

Maybe only 2% of the people around you actually works with something they really want to do and think is fun, so you are not alone if you sometime think “What the fuck am I doing”?

And while Eeyore is a planner and realist the rest of the world celebrates a bubble of security and delusional thinking that everything is unicorns and rainbows and everything is normal.

Always remember that people who is celebrated for their spontaneity is the ones never in time to meetings, forgetting to bring what they supposed to and miss things in their calendars.

So be more Eeyore, less Tigger.


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