You can make a list of everything in life

Even if it makes more sense to make a list of songs, favorite films etc you can always make a list. So today the list will be “Things I am tiered of 06 02 2020 (in the more logical way to write a date 2020 02 06).

Things I am tiered of TODAY 2020 02 06

  1. Kidney stones – Woke up this morning with a new stone moving around in my body. WHY?
  2. Winter – Yes, I need spring, now, or three weeks in an normal climate zone.
  3. People in the Metro who don’t seem to understand that a back back actually can be separable from their bodies.
  4. Strikes, no trash collection on my street for 2 days now.
  5. People who think they are extremely important without being important at all.
  6. Greta Thunberg
  7. SVT who can’t admit the new stage format of Melodifestivalen is there to save money and manage to make it sound like they invented the wheel.
  8. Myself for not throwing stuff away when I obvious not need it.

Just 8 points on my list today… No, it’s not a good day.


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