Is it even possible….

At the moment I am so tiered of winter so if I were suicidal my family most likely would have put some kind of spy ware on my person. But it is too close to Eurovision to take a chance and jump from the Eiffel tower. I am too curious to see if Ukraine will win again (now when they actually have a good song).

So on Saturday the first semi final takes place in Sweden, and the week after I am punished by my work and have to go to Geneva in Switzerland. Nightmarish.


Started off well

This day started with a nice morning, good workout, not too many cars on roads and then… Typical “Eeyore”, arrived to the office and the bike parking was sealed off. Note that it’s the company bike parking, so not the ones you find on the streets used by everyone.

No one knows why, but I can’t wait for an answer or go down to the common bike parking, around 10 minutes away, needed to start the day first. Then I can move the bike.

So now lets see if someone will kill me, or even more interesting, why? And why don’t they tell a day before? It’s like when it is strikes in Paris, HR send a message to tell us that we can work from home, and they do it in the evening before the strike. So most people miss it, cause they have left the office.

Anything good then? Yes, it is TGIF, I had today been to the gym and reached by objectives 390 days in a row. Feel free to celebrate!!!

Have a nice weekend now.




It’s tooooooo much shit going on in life at the moment, I can’t get the “oumpf” flowing in any kind of activities. Nothing is fun. I just want work to calm down and be fun again, water leaks in the apartment fixed and now costing me 3 x paychecks, finally be able to go to dentist again, the same for the eye doctor which must be done before the next 6 month control at the doctor and I want Loreen to fail in the Swedish Eurovision selection.

OK, look forward to this (if we all live that long).

Mylène Farmer 2023 tour


Water, water, water

leak, leak, leak

The registered letter came from my neighbour’s insurance company, a expert visit is planned for the 15th of Feb. Strange, cause there was a visit in August last year from the insurance expert. My guess is that they have added damages to get more of the apartment renovated. As said, they got a almost new kitchen last there was a leak a few years back.

I think I am too Swedish to take these kind of advantages. I don’t protest enough.


Stressed up…

You can be stressed by your private life, things happens that stress you. And we all get stressed by different things in our private life. It can be family, work situation, living situation, health, money or… Yes, you name it.

But if your work life function and there is no stress there you manage your private stress. It’s when the work stress and private stress decide to merge things get over the top.

Like now when my apartment turned into a water park and it never stops, new things happens on a daily basis, and at the same time work gone from liking what I do to just create stress on the edge of panic.

So when I returned back home yesterday I found a note that I have a registered letter to pick up at the post office. Not the same day, they have it on the 25th for pick up. I also have a package from my family in Sweden top pick up, but that is fun stuff.

So registered letters is never a good thing. Not like someone post you a million euros for the fun of it. It’s always something bad. And knowing all that’s happened in the apartment, with the water leaks there can be 3 options.

  1. Letter from the insurance company about the visit they will do in February. I doubt that cause they have never sent that with registered mail.
  2. Something from my downstairs neighbour that I must pay something for the damage in their apartment. Doubt it too, cause the insurance usually covers most of it.
  3. Cause of the leaks on repeat my landlord send an eviction notice. Very possible cause they send all notifications by registered mail. But they usually also send an copy by email that arrives a few days earlier. And my contract expire 2024 so why now?

So whatever it is, it stresses me to not know. I will though collect the package from my family today, and will ask if they have the letter as well already. Normally when you not home to receive a register letter the post office have it the same day after 16h00 – have no idea why this one takes 2 days?

The story will continue.