11th of May 2020

So, President Macron made his speech on how long the French Lock down and confinement will last and the date is the 11th of May 2020.

Expected, but not in the way I thought. I was sure the time will be until the end of May, but I also thought they should give us the bad news in chunks of 14 days. So I do appreciate to have know it will be far into May before we can see some part of the French life return to normal. But I am also sure it won’t be all of us at the same time.

So now the goal is to keep sane in single confinement, since it is not a lot of social contact when you live on your own. Also try to find a way to work from home for one more month. But how work will react on todays news will most likely be for us to take more vacation days.

For me, I will see if I can continue my French lessons on line (even if most are daytime), and maybe add some classes. Get some order in life. One more month in sweatpants is not an option, I need to get up and get dressed, plan the days and go out the hour we can each day. Too see some people and not only for food and HEETS.

Maybe use more social networks to chat and not only post things on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But as said, we will see how work reacts first but hopefully we will be able to take a longer break during the day for French on line, and be on line for work longer in the evenings.

Keep safe


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