140 hours

We open up here in Paris, and yes… Still able to work from home, at least 50% and now getting into the work from home schedule I started to think of the plus and minuses to work from home. Let me be honest, the first two weeks I were very sceptic, all things left in the office and what if I need it??? But actually, most things was scanned and it worked well, so I turned. 360 degrees and made a so called poodle and from the end of the second week work from home is the best thing ever.

Another plus thing is time… I looked at the days I worked from home so far and I actually saved 140 hours of travel time since the start of the lock down. 140 hours normally spent on buses and Metro doing nothing else than going from point A to point B. Just think about that, 140 hours of free time actually put in good use instead of commute.

I hope the French now will open up a bit to more distance work when its possible cause in the long run happy staff will get more done and put their employer first.

Then of course, there are people out there who is need of colleagues and the interaction face to face, good for them that offices will be needed and that open spaces and cubicles still on the map. But for us who don’t necessary need this and want to work on our own, if not having your own office space, distance work is heaven.

Just say it again, 140 hours of added free time since the lock down started…


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