17eme vs 18eme

First, why a car? Cause it is the best color on a car you can get. Remember that.

Then why the 17, 18? Cause it is a bit absurd at the moment. I live at the edge of the 17th district in Paris, so pass the street and I am in the 18th district. And now it’s garbage collection strikes going on. But the 18th have a private company to do their garbage collection. So daily the truck comes and collect all garbage on one side of the road, and the other look like a war zone, or a Manhattan for rats.

I seriously think today was the final day for me to find a any opening to take the bike from the pavement out on the street. Most likely, tomorrow, I need to roll to the crossing before I can get the bike away from the pavement. Then from there, soon people won’t be able to use the pavements.

So is Paris, how is your hairday?


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