2020 – Not a good year for stones

Yesterday, kind of a surprise, a new Kidney Stone was brought into the world. I knew I had a few coming, both kidneys been working hard for a few weeks, but to translate it into pain I was kind of expecting more like gravel than stones. The one popping out yesterday is not enormous but bigger that the passed pain told me. So it was a surprise.

But it seems, like I said in the beginning of 2020 this year is a Kidney Stone year. 9 stones of different sizes already passed, all from stones to gravel – I now only expect a cliff in need of medical care so they look me in for a few days to crush it.

Until then I either thanks heaven for Spasmofen or my colleagues not to ask when I almost chew their heads of as an answer on a simple query, just cause I am in pain.


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