I love fun projects, and since yesterday the fun project is VELO! Yes, arrived back home yesterday and finally we have a parking for bicycles in the house… I am over the top happy but still without a bike, but that is step 2, now I need to secure one of the 12 – 20 parking spaces in the house and pray to God people can behave so they don’t close it again in a short amount of time. Cause there is a risk for noise and upset neighbours.

And then of course, I need to buy a bike, and that is one part joy and one part anxiety (let us pass that bridge when we come to it), but ooohhhh Project.

Also arrived to work today before any one else, and I mean before any one else… So this is the first time I noticed that the door bell to make contact with someone to open the door is on the inside of the door. Only in France N’ est pas?

The door bell to get someone to open the door is on the other side of the door, glass door, so you can see it. Not at all irritating

I was also happy to see Edouard Philippe in the news, it might even end up in him going for the President post next year, amazing news if that will happen. But I’m not sure he is content with being called “Chouchou”? Seriously?


Daylight saving

Day one of “Daylight saving” (Summer time, sommartid), the Metro is more or less empty… I guess not caused by people not knowing about the change of time this passed weekend… But if you can, you sleep “normal” hours until the day you have to be at work early in the morning.

If you know moi you know I hate summertime, it fu** up my normal hours. the natural inner clock telling you when to wake up and start to function. And it takes only 1 night without the alarm on before I’m back to the normal and every adjustment turns out to be wasted. One hour, and it takes three months before I am used to it.

And daylight saving is not even necessary, yes if your name not Greta of course and you can’t sleep caused by your inner demons and now don’t need any light on inside for a one more hour. Hopefully someone can give her a oil lamp as a present, and some stronger glasses (she might need them).

Also read that 60% of the grown up population in UK now been vaccinated, wow! “Normal life” – Soon in a country near you.


Paris – The worst example

To read the news this morning, Swedish news, it’s not that flattering for the French war on Covid… Paris is painted out as the worst place on earth at the moment, and no, we living in France is not surprised.

Aftonbladet article

Just look at the people at work, the younger crowd is not following the 19h00 curfew, even brag about it, and Im not sure if the employer should tell them: “OK, if you don’t follow the regulations, you are not welcome to the office, even if you need to”. I guess that is against some rules here in France. But it do not make me feel safe.

Yesterday at around 20h00 there was some kind of crowd outside my door at home… As a typical Swede I sneak up to the peephole and looked and there was around 8 – 10 people soon singing “Happy Birthday” to the neighbor. Not only to much people in one place at the same time, also one hour after curfew.

So the French is feed up. Just look at this picture:

Paris March 2021

And again, as said over and over the only way to get the covid figures down is a hard lock down, all over France for 3 weeks and then have additional 3 weeks whit travel restrictions in- and out of the country. No one can travel outside the country. Let people travel in France after the first 3 weeks but then no.

But a decision like that is something the EU leaders do not dare to take, but for the people, if we want a summer with open restaurants and cafès it’s a must even if a decision like that will make people pissed. But looking at how people in the French capital act right now it’s like they don’t understand that what you do today will decide what kind of summer you will have 2021.

And for heavens sake, close the schools and keep the little Covid viruses in the form of children away from normal people! Kids missed school during wars without turning into idiots and mentally ill citizens. Children and young people survive.



Let us say that the latest poll in Sweden makes me rethink if I want to go back to Sweden at all. How is it even possible that the Green party and Socialist party gain more trust now when the country is in free fall in all areas. Economy, Crimes, Covid and Environment? To find Sweden being called the extreme state in the world, far from “normal” make more and more sense.

Swedes are without a doubt a gang of air heads when it comes to politic.



The badge

Story of the badge. I arrived back home from work yesterday and the door code box was brand new… Shiny and silverly and now 1 2 3 was on the top row, and whatever I tried the famous “click” when the door unlocks never came. After a while the gardienne came out and told me the code been changed, and not only a new code – we are with “Badge”. Lovely, cause I never remember the code, its muscle memory open the door when I am involved.

So waiting to sign the “I received my 2 badges” form I got an envelope with the badges, and actually not thought more about it until I decided to test the badge this morning. Cause perfect time, no one is up when I am on my way to work so I could test and be an idiot without anyone knowing.

So I opened the envelope prepared to find two badges size like a 2 euro coin and out fell two badges huge as a lap top heavy as hell. Humongous badges, maybe made to hide behind if someone chase you. I don’t want that on my key chain, I have a lovely Mylène Farmer key chain for heavens sake.

Well… It is a French thing to take a good idea and tweak just a bit, just enough to make non French wonder, WTF? And act normal about it. Some things made the same way:

Doors opening “in”, drive on the right side but all pedestrian activities is left, call a baugette a she and not produce any 1.5 btl of sprakling water.


Je me casse

And what’s with that? “Je me casse”? First, it’s the title of the Maltese entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. And as such a really good song, I do like it a lot.

And as a song believe me when I say that it will be a hit in Sweden this summer cause every year a song for the dancefloors which includes a saxophone is trending, so will this one.

Join Destiny and Malta in “Je me Casse”


Mving to Paris I said “minimum of 5 years” and I have now passed that minimum, but think I will deduct the “Corona months” from the 5 years so before screaming “5! years” lets see when we can get back out on the streets again.

In any case I have started to look out for what to do next. I don’t want to go back to Stockholm for sure, so I look at the possibility to move back to my birth city Norrköping and to my surprise I can see that it do not seems to difficult to get an apartment (if you don’t need to live in the city center). So the problem will most likely be to find work and have enough money saved to move back.

Other options I look at, even if not so easy, is of course Malta (unfortunately the job offers I get there can’t cover a life in Malta with loans to pay in Sweden still, or I also look for the possible move to two other favorite cities in Europe, Vienna and Bratislava. So there are options, likely or not, but it look like Norrköping is the most likely one.

So my mind is moving away from staying in Paris for life to going back to my roots.



So, over for 2021

2021, again a year when my favorite did not manage to win the Swedish selection to the Eurovision and a gain a year when it was easy to guess the top 4 songs.

Knowing the Swedes, they are so afraid to stick out they know what top songs to vote for, from reading the media, and that is one reason why the old system with one final was much much better. New songs to all, no one was able to say this is the right song to vote for. Add the act that Melodifestivalen now is a children’s program makes it a strange tv show.

In and case, Tusse won, and let’s start with he good thing… It can sing, that is for sure, but all this gender bending and non binary shit going on, political correct voting sending a song to Europe that most likely will be parised by the jury and fail in the televote is strange. The song is woke, the singer is woke all about the act is woke and I published that I had his song as number 12 out of 12 on my Twitter and was marked “Racist” a few minutes later. I had The Mamas high up on my list, but that is not the thing for these people going all in BLM and HBTQ + around 5 letter more now,

Tusse mark almost every box to be 100% the perfect woke singer, as a friend said, only a few things was missing, a niqab, a fleeing Belarusian and a wheelchair.

That is what Sweden send to Rotterdam in May, thanks heaven we have some good songs from other countries.


What is going on

You read it everywhere at the moment, The best Mello final in ages, really? This is a surprise to me, but maybe cause most of the favorites are song I don’t like. So I don’t get it.

In some cases its the song, in some its the singer, but I can’t see this years Melodifestivalen final as the best in ages.

Its been welled planned by Christer Björkman, he know who he wanted in the top and placed them in the semifinals so they were sure to pass through, unfortunately his “best” if far from mine.

But, besides I hope The Mamas will win, they are worth their chance in Eurovision, only Saade have a chance to win Eurovision, even if I’m not a fan of the song or act. It is made for a ESC stage.

The big favorite, Tusse, sing a song that I actually really sonnet like, it’s a boring typical radio friendly song with high jury points but no tele votes written all over it. So I think it’s better to put some money on when he will come out as non binary… Before or after the Eurovision week in May. But he can sing, no one can take that away

So candy and Champagne is on the table and I will enjoy Charlotte and hopefully drunk enough when the prize goes to Tusse, Eric or Dotter.

Hope for The Mamas (cause its fair) or Clara Klingenström – full review tomorrow