30th of April 2021 & TGIF

The first thing to do today will be to wish all my Swedish readers a Happy Valborg (or we can also add the fact that it’s the Swedish Kings birthday and say Happy Birthday).

I doubt there will be any “Valborgsmässoeld” in Paris this year even if the Swedish community usually very inventive, so some photos from way back in Tungelsta, Sweden.

Then we can make a jump into the Covid report, this week and the figures behind the new Corona restrictions the French Government will put in place from the 3rd of May, 19th of May and beginning of June 2021.

So what is the plan? Again the French Government will, if the gossip tells the truth, implement a plan without logic. So no doubt the French will interpret them so it fits into their own lifestyle.

  1. Curfew still in place, but from 20h00
  2. Opening of cinemas, museums and events for outdoor 1000 people and indoors 800 people
  3. Cafè, Restaurants can open up outside, but only 2 at each table
  4. You can have 10 people in your apartment
  5. Work from home is still the main option

So how to read this? OK, The Corona virus is still more dangerous in the late nights than at 19h00 or 19h30. Outdoor, on a terrace, the virus gets vicious if there is more than 2 people at each table but not at all at a sports event for 1000 people or at a mask free event in your home for 10 people.

And of course, again, alcohol is the worst thing ever when it comes to spreading the virus. Not the Metro, Supermarket or even worse the open markets.

Too me all this makes no sense and is hard to understand why. Most of the French people feel the same so people do not listen as much anymore. But I look forward to the second weekend of open terraces cause then I will be there (the first will be a nightmare), and for sure in June when the curfew is said to be 23h00.

Plan for the opening up

No, let’s wrap this up with a translation.. Hugs, TGIF, and take care…


With chalk on asphalt

Either some parents will get a chocking inoice to pay for the cleaning of their kids practicing their artistic side, or this is the premonition of digging up my street and make my life hell for a long time. Noise and excavated street and side walks. Or the city of Paris actually finally found out where I live and will now offer me a house with a moa, so I am safe. And no, I do not have exaggerated image of my own importance to the world 2021.

But let us go back in time, today, 12 years ago the site Gylleneskor.se (re named Poplight before it died) invited that years Eurovision artists to Stockholm and I was interviewing the ones signed by Warner.

Unlikely 29th of April 2021, this was a sunny & extremely hot day, so running around in Stockholm between venues, resulted in a really shiny face (shiny a nice way to say I sweated like a waterfall).

So welcome to a walk down Memory lane:

Humongous Kissekatt

Left work yesterday and run into the paws of this little fellow feline watching Place de la Concorde in Paris. A “pop up cat” in the French capital at the same time as they dig up the street behind it. Ugly every day life meets art.

Remind me that there are a lot of Moroccans running around in Agadir calling the cats there “kissekatt” – and that is my fault…

This morning everything was ready for the first bike ride to (and later from) work when a glance at the weather app said: “no”. Maybe a good thing cause I should practice the planned route at least once before I do it for real. So, Weekend project.


Summer in paris

Like all summers in Paris they start to dig the city up, saying that there is less people out on the roads. Might be so, IN AUGUST… OK, of course maintenance is necessary but during summer when you really want the city to look its best and enjoy it 100% it makes you lean towards the minus side on the happy scale.

I also noticed that the block around where I live also been marked with arrows, lines and numbers as well as signs telling vehicle owners to not park on the left side of the street – so something is upcoming for sure.

I just hope they will work Monday to Friday and not do work on Saturdays, cause I like have my windows open.


Is there a TGIM?

TGIF pass kind of fast every week but is there a movement towards a TGIM? Just leave that question out there as a reminder… And I guess if Monday is payday it might be a TGIM, (M for Money).

And to you who completely missed it… The exciting competition launched this weekend called “Guess the name of my boss” – I know, I think it’s hysterically funny, then I remember that “Björn means Björn” and land on my feets again.


Monday anxiety

Sunday evening and the Monday anxiety kicks in, I repeat, weekends? Too short. Friday, you are tiered as any other workday, Saturday, the only day in the week you actually can do a lot of different things you have to do, so it’s not relaxing. So Sunday the first day of the week you can relax, feel up for some fun, then work brain kicks in and it can’t be a late evening.

But from this weekend we learned that its easier to send flowers from Paris too Madrid than within Paris… MLM (my former manager) got her birthday flowers in time and on the right date. And purple… All worked out fine.


Spring is in the air

Todaz was the first time in 2021 when Paris actually started to feel like Paris did before the pandemic… Still a bit shilly in the morning but then an amazing day, people slowly walking around, not wanting to go home for curfew and an hour after lunch the Yellow vests on the move through the streets of Paris…

Yes, they have started again, but today I think it was more policemen surrounding a very small group of the “vests” – but I guess they will grow stronger the upcoming months.

Paris might be normal soon, let’s us hope that the daily life will be normal soon as well.


Télé Travail

At the moment the only perk with working from home is the fact that I can work out before I start to work, and it’s really nice to have everything done before 7h00 in the morning. But at the same time I really don’t know how long I can do this everyday power walk. My legs are again killing me. Now its the calves that decided to give up on their only task in life, to make someone move forward.

Beside that the energy level is kind of zero at the moment… And what before was fun and productive, to work from home is at the moment tougher. The days at the office is easier, and I can’t bring files back and forth daily. Depressed? No, not at all, just a mood at the moment. So don’t worry, I will be back to my normal grumpy me soon. Not this “I don’t care” grumpy.