A few days of spring

So finally it arrived, spring, a few days of spring hit Paris this weekend and will stay until noon Wednesday if the reports do not lie. But this week is kind of already in tunnel vision mood – dentist. It is the only thing on my mind since yesterday and will stay there until I leave the chair, pay and walk out.

Après Dentist mood is: Go out like a normal person, find a place to sit and start to breath again, go home, go to bed and try to sleep crawled up in fetal position.

And yes, I know, my mind tell me it’s not dangerous, I am aware, but as said… I rather swim with some great whites than go to the dentist. And unfortunately there is no shark swimming close by.

So, this weekend I challenged by doctor and actually went out and drank some beers, just to feel normal for the last time for a while. But at least I followed all protocol… No one else at the table, not close to anyone – and today (last of May) it’s corona test time.

Have a nice week you non dentist goers


TGIF – Repeat

Finally Friday, and even if its a fact that managers hate Fridays and weekends I will try to keep my spirit up all day, not think dark thoughts and stress all weekend over work at least. I will stress over the fact that I am going to the dentist next week, Tuesday, and you who know me very well are fully aware of the panic a simple visit to the dentist creates in me.

I still wish my phobias at least is about something you really need to be scared of, like war, starvation to be murdered on your way home a late night – but no… Dentists, frozen lakes and Moray eels. What is the logic in that? Seriously…

Another logic thing to be scared of will be Covid, at least with a heart condition, but no… And here are the figures for the passed week…

So that is everything for the day – and let us hope I can take the bike back home this afternoon and avoid Moray eels.



Yesterday I woke up with an huge infection in one tooth, and after a day of pain and a swollen left side of the face I finally could leave work and get penicillin. So hopefully at least visual signed will give in. I actually look like I have 2 heads (or 3 if you are in that spectrum of puns), so facemask is actually very useful right now. Only at work I look like balloon.

But its also worrying, cause with infections like this, over and over, I do have to start the real work on the teeth thing, but seriously, try to get the quoted 9800 Euros from nothing. And I cant start and then stop in the middle so I really need to have the financial aspect covered and have not found any company specialized on loans for dental work here in France. I know there at least was in Sweden years ago.

And the bank, last resort maybe, but a bank loan here must be paid off in 7 years, I noticed that when I wanted to move my Swedish loan to France to save money from the currency conversion – but it actually did not lower my monthly cost cause the time for the amortization is shorter.

Se we will see…

To something more fun, I have now recovered 2015 – 2021 from my destroyed iTunes library. And now in 2014, which gave this top 10 of most played songs over the passed 7 days

With that, over and out, Björn

2 faces

Waking up this morning with 2 faces, seriously WTF is happening? My left side of the face is bigger than a blimp – infection in a tooth and emergency dentist time 1st of June. Happy moi.

And with that I leave you for now, together with the top 4 among the Swedish public in the Eurovision voting. As you know Swedes is always unhappy with other European countries voting for their neighbour countries… This is the Swedes votes 2021


Still no split results

I have still not found any split results from the Eurovision this weekend, so not much of an analysis yet. So we will wait for that until next weekend I guess.

Instead, prepare for work tomorrow, a 4 day week thanks heaven. But some important tasks to look into this week, the last week of May.

Talking about May, its more February outside, I soon won’t give a shit and go down to the Riviera for some sun… The people I meet in Paris now, with a tan, have all been at the French Riviera – so there is sun and heat in this country, but not in Paris.

That said,

Have a nice week


Ready for the finals?

I am, I know that much. Champagne chilling and hours passing with the final 26 songs on repeat.

And as promised the final booklet can be downloaded:

And of course things might change slightly if someone all of a sudden do something stupid or better (most the big five might surprise since we have not seen them yet).

READY or not, tonights the night

First beer

First beer after the “open up” – I know, Im not allowed until second vaccine shot but I thought… Can’t be worse than walking around if keeping distance and having mask on.

And it felt good – really good. And tomorrow its ESC finals, so I will upload the file before the contest – promise


Todays figures