Summer 2021, lay down and die

Now it must be said, shit summer 2021 – the only hope for a winter survival is a mild autumn, outdoor seating without “chauffage” at least until the beginning of November, and real heat September and October.

Just rain rain rain, a typical “inguinal fungal infection” summer.

Summer like the one we have now drain your brain from all hope of joy and will to do anything, not even fun things is fun.

Beside the weather? Sweden lost the Football game yesterday against Ukraine – I will not hear the end of that today when working with Ukrainians. But I think the reason for their victory is playing in the Swedish colors “Blue and Yellow” – So I will fight back any bullying.


Amazing “Thursday”

Woke up this wonderful Thursday morning and managed to have Thursday until around 10 minutes before leaving my apartment. Then the ugly truth hit me, Tuesday.

That feeling, when you start to plan the weekend and have it all in your head, tidy up, laundry, a nice bottle of “Casal Garcia Rosè” with ice and then walking down to the local Brasserie of your choice and just sit down and watch people (one of the best things in life, in France, Morocco or anywhere with no real winter) until “not to late” but a bit later than normal.

So… Tuesday! The week have not even started and every string of DNA screaming stay home! The brain goes: “Are you sure you not a little bit sick?” – But not that lucky.

And France not so lucky either, whipped by Switzerland, taste that… France beaten by the Swiss in football (not hockey), but since I was able to sleep all night (no screaming neighbors) I kind of woke up with the knowledge that France was out.

And watching pictures on the net this morning I really need to write a blog post on football players and their personalities. Seriously guys, as cocky as you are when you win, please keep that in a defeat and not cry like babies. It’s a game!

And then reading Twitter, Swedish Tweets, obviously there is a poor Swiss guy named Granit* (a name that takes me to either Flintstones or Hedenhös), and he is NOT popular in Sweden. People hate him and obviously they hate him even more cause of his hair. He is seriously bullied in Swedish Twitter streams, from football fans – not main stream media.

In any case, biking to work I noticed that France is taking down all flags and other signs of the European Championships this morning… Act fast.


Plan my week

So, next week is Conference week, and most of my co workers fly off to the Conference venue, which of course mean this week is like a boot camp with stressed staff and managers, all freaking out even if the routine is more or less the same as the passed years Conferences, only the venue changes.

So prepare myself for a hectic week and a slow one next week making room for catching up with tasks just piling up on the desk – actually the best thing with the Conference week since normally it’s only the managers going. Time to catch up, breath and hopefully meet the team again a bit fresher than the week before.

But as always, other things happening as well. Next week I am scheduled for the 2nd vaccine shot, and with the last time in mind I might be in bed with a fever from hell for a few days, which might add stress, not taking it away.

But it’s important. Looking now at South Africa closing again, as well as Sidney in Australia (winter in the south) and even if it is from low numbers, Israel report 40% of new cases already vaccinated. So this is not over yet.

In France, last year, summer was OK and new cases raised during winter again, so let us see. But it was like being knocked out when they closed the country after passed summers “opening”, so a third time? No, I’m not sure I will come out sane after that. At a point the world must say “OK, we can’t stop this”.

But today is the last Covid test arranged by the office, at least for a while. Then we will see.



25th of June, and I wonder if the reason for me to forget to take my phone with me this morning is to avoid all Midsummer photos posted on Instagram? This holy day in Sweden means nothing to the French, but it is in Swedes genes to wake up in the morning longing for “sill”, “Gräslök”, “färskpotatis”, “Gräddfil”, “Jordgubbar med vispgrädde” – even if you never will touch some of the stuff above. For me it is absurd to wake up in Paris on this day longing for “inlagd sill” cause I know I rather die than actually eat it.

But the other stuff is OK.

In any case, at work without a phone, stressful.


This weeks Covid

I will watch you…

…for a few more years. Eye check went well, the fear from the doctor, about my retina, was just fear… Actually, retina perfect, but I need a adjustment when it comes to my glasses. All with the usual scolding that I must use the glasses, cause I have them, or the sight will get worse.

But again, no blindness the upcoming years.

And it was so nice to be off work today, I decided to go back home and clean at least one room so I don’t have to do it this weekend. So back home I decided to take a coffee, watch an episode of “Too hot to handle” (I know, don’t say it) and tidy up… I fell to sleep until now.

So, no cleaning and most likely it will be tough to sleep tonight.

Thats life peeps


This is Pop

First of all I like to push for the Netflix series “This is Pop” – actually really good. And of course for people in France, who think I am strange, episode 3 about the Swedish music wonder.

Not only a fantastic story about the Cheiron studios in the 90s but also explains a lot why Swedes in social situations are plain Swedish and behave like we do. Even I got an epiphany from it.

But even more, the big news yesterday… Mylène Farmer will go on tour again. Ticket release in October 2021 for the shows in the summer 2023. So now my main goals will be to manage to buy tickets (only 2 shows advertised), and remember that 3 weeks of Mylène in 2019 sold out in a few hours (but then it was one venue for all Europe).

Even Geneva is on the tour plan so I guess I have to start to spread the world also for my colleagues in Switzerland. But back to the goals, get tickets (save the September paycheck to afford them) and stay alive until June 2023!

And also from yesterday, Financial Times, the UK reacted on the Governmental crisis in Sweden and did it in a very accurate way really…

But to be honest I have not seen the article in the Times, so I can’t verify it actually was in yesterdays edition. Why I’m not sure? Do a magazine like Financial Times misspell a name like this? Lofven? His name is Löfvèn – To not have 100% knowledge about å, ä and ö, I buy that, but when they write names they usually get things right…

In any case, true or not, it’s very accurate and true. But they missed the part to explain that his choice to bring the Green party in to the Government must be his mistake of a life time. It’s actually more them the Swedes want gone than Löfvèn (even if I am happy if both leaves). But he has a week to try to find a solution to stay and believe me they will try.


Why Eeyore not depressed

When the alarm sounds and you are ready to wake up, shower, breakfast and leave your little safe place in the world most things in life is actually good – but… How many days in a year do you really keep that feeling of delight for 24 hours?

The meme:

It is how people are told Eeyore is, told by todays curled and security junkies, brought up thinking life is a roller coaster ride for fun. Eeyore is not clinically depressed, he is a realist, things can only get worst and to be able to be happy now and then you need to be miserable.

You will not die by being bored! OK, it’s not fun, but boredom makes you appreciate when you have stuff to do.

Maybe only 2% of the people around you actually works with something they really want to do and think is fun, so you are not alone if you sometime think “What the fuck am I doing”?

And while Eeyore is a planner and realist the rest of the world celebrates a bubble of security and delusional thinking that everything is unicorns and rainbows and everything is normal.

Always remember that people who is celebrated for their spontaneity is the ones never in time to meetings, forgetting to bring what they supposed to and miss things in their calendars.

So be more Eeyore, less Tigger.


Say what?

So this is how the Swedish Social-democrats look at democracy. It is amazing really. If a country not approved by the Swedish PM say the same thing, they would go crazy internationally.

But its obviously OK to tell the Swedish population they have no idea what politics is so a new election is redundent.

Let us say that when S in Sweden get normal figures in elections in Sweden the country might be a normal place again.


What a weekend

Rain, thunderstorms and elections. Kind of what this weekend offered. Rain made me more or less watch the 13th season of RuPaul from episode 1 to to the end apart form the final episode, still pending to watch this week.

And where is my manners? Good Morning:

And of course the Covid in France update:

And today Monday we wait for what’s going to happen in Sweden, will the Government fall or will they manage to stay?