Oui, they do it this morning too

Again, but even a bit worse, the Parade is on rehearsals and me on a bike. So what do they think will happen? That I may the choice to try to pass through 400 men rehearsal a parade? Or that my main goal in life was to move to Paris, wait for 6 years and activate myself to ram a tuba player? It’s just not necessary to close down the world for something that is happening every year like clockwork. And more or less not at all if the weather will be as promised on Wednesday – who want to stay in heavy rain and lightning for hours then?

By the way, can a flash hit a tuba?

Apart from that July pass fast, even if each day seems to go in slow motion. But the passed weekend I finally cleaned out my wardrobes 100%. 4 30 liter trash bags filled with clothes I never will ware again, and for some reason survived the last cleaning 2 years ago.

And still I actually keep the “rule”, for every new garment bought, 2 of the same need to be thrown away, especially shirts, t shirts, kilts etc.

Have a nice rainy day now. I guess I will ride home in rain this afternoon, it’s how it looks.

Don’t forget the “Bring your hamster to work day – all days this week