Saturday 28

The feeling is this will be a boring Saturday, the rain is in the air, Café Gitanes not yet open (even if I thought they would open this weekend cause they cleaned the place during the week) and I want to go somewhere this evening but not go down town.

So I started early, could not sleep cause of a presentation Im going to give next week, but on the other hand I finished the gym really early that’s good. Just to be back home and my IQOS decided to die. So out looking for a store with IQOS 3 Duo – not buy it on line cause it’s needed now. Found one and the only color in stock… WHITE. So… well… that’s life.

We will see later on if this day will get any better or not.


TGIF-, Goal-, Covid- & Music Friday

Where to begin this Friday? I think I start with yesterdays celebration, sadly forgotten by the community. No parades, No Macron speech and not a word from the PM in Sweden… But I reached the goal, 365 days of workout. 365 days in a row! Goal, done! Prize? To allow myself, if needed, to have maximum 2 days of rest each week. Mainly Sundays to be honest.

365 days of work out, 365 days in a row.

With the celebrations done let me tell you of this strange morning. Friday mornings usually means a early rush hour, cause people want to go home early if they can. But today, not a car on the streets of Paris. It was so strange I actually started to think I missed out on a public holiday or something.

But I guess the reason is that “working one day from home” mainly is done on Fridays now. Which leads us to todays covid update.

So, we reach the end of this post, and I do that with some music. Still update my iTunes library after Apples decision to “delete” my tracking in iTunes. I have now tried to get as close as possible to how it was before my play count all was set to “0”. Still, after 8 months, still far from done. which gives strange “most played” charts. Not much “new” music there. I present you with the “last 7 days most played songs” & the “last 30 days most played songs”.

Passed 7 days most plays, my iTunes
Passed 30 days most played, August 2021, My iTunes

With that I give you TGIF, and let you all out to “behave”, and do it “bad”.


Buying an apartment

I found it, the apartment I think my family is supposed to buy for me as a surprise gift… Doubt it, but it’s a amazing gift full of TLC N’ est pas?

Balcony, and the size of the balcony tells me it’s at least a three piece apartment hiding there. Perfect!

Beside dreaming there is a late meeting today, so just like Monday I have to bike my way through Paris in the worst traffic and finally reach the gym when it’s more or less a war between people inside to get to the machines. Rush hour both in traffic and on the treadmills.

And I’m from a so called “neutral country” so war is not something I have on my C.V.

Let me paint you picture, or in the old “Golden Girls” Sophia way “Picture this…” – A Swede scan the gym to check who was there before him or her and when there is a machine free take his/hers place in the queue. Of course, not applicable in a gym, first look for the queue ticket machine. A French person on the other hand can come in, pass the queue without understanding why the Swedes waiting, look at them as they were gangsters in the middle of killing someone.

A French person in the queue (as if queue was a thing in France) will start to wave their arms like a windmill in a storm and express French words like “putain” and “merde” – then they scream at each other for 30 minutes and no one gets to start their workout. While the Swede still just stare really hateful.

The above is a short lesson in how to queue in France…

Take care


So, here we go again

Not the largest kidney stone that left my body, but for some reason this was a tough one. Am I getting less resistant to pain? Or was it caused by it’s form? More thorny than smooth (and may autocorrect not change “thorny” please).

Not that kidney stones are smooth, at least not mine, but this one was a hell of a lot of work to pass.

So it ended today, thanks heaven, after half of week of pain coming and going. Maybe I can feel ok now for a while? I do expect more though, cause the workouts makes me sweat and I am bad at drinking water… Or shall I say, bad at drinking enough water.

Take care


August 2021

Here in France we close summer now, more and more people return from vacation so also at my office. It reminds me of the fact that I hate to work in an open office space, and how nice it can be to work from home. But let me elaborate the home working thing.

Right now, in the time of Ebola, Covid and Plague we can still work from home 1 day a week, based on how many people who is in that week. But this is where the home working idea fails. Home working works perfectly and is wünderbar when you can work for a while at home. Not carry material home and back on an almost daily basis.

So, during those conditions home working just “F” things up. But gosh what I wish I can get my own office, the department I work in is worth our own office space – wish list for the Christmas…

And now something else, born from a discussion yesterday, Eurovision entries failed to place well in the year they entered but if they entered now would be hits (with a modern production). Yesterday we talked about Remedios Amaya “Quien maneja mi barca” – SO last in 1983 just cause it was before it’s time.

Spain Eurovision 1983

With that, have a nice Tuesday



7066 is the amount of Kcal I managed to burn last week, Monday – Sunday. Yes read it again, its kind of depressing. All the hours spent on the bike and in the gym and only 7066 Kcal… Consider that 1 lettuce leaf is 68.989 Kcal how the “F” are you supposed to loose Kg’s?

The photo this morning , the view from outside work (standing there waiting for the Security to open, not in time during “summer”), so it is a Monday morning, Paris wakes up photo. But from Paris I need to throw in some Swedish news. The Swedish PM, Stefan Löfvèn resigns and step down in November 2021. Not a day too soon even if everyone understands it is 100% tactics cause of the elections in 2022.

He would have lost that election and since the Swedish Socialdemocrat party think, and have said it, all other Governments possible in Sweden, without the Socialdemocrats, is a threat to democracy. Not only a threat in Sweden, a threat to democracy world wide.

So, the number one favorite is the Finance minister Magdalena Andersson, but even if Swedes might be seduced to vote for her (woman and well known) that would not change anything in the politics. She is Löfvèn light.

So who are the other possibles? In Swedish media:

Ardalan Shekarabi, Mikael Damberg, Magdalena Andersson, Anders Ygeman and Lena Hallengren

So a quick look, Ygeman and Hallengren would be death for the Socialdemocrats in a election, both are total airheads without one single opinion of there own. Follow the wind, change their opinions over and over, say one thing and do the opposite. So I do not think any of them will a choice. IF any maybe Hallengren, cause she is a younger woman and right now “female” seems to be the first criterion in Swedish media. Any kind of political ideas is secondary at the moment.

Andersson will not change much, she will have a boost over the next election (and S will stay in power) but then Swedes might see that she don’t change anything. And to be honest, she loves to be the Finance minister and collect taxes taxes taxes. She is Prince John in Disneys “Robin Hood”.

I don’t have much to say about Shekarabi or Damberg, both are anonymous even if they been in the game for long. No one knows what Damberg actually think or like to do. But of the two, I would prefer Shekarabi. Rumors that Shekarabi lies a lot might be his downfall.

But Shekarabi has a interesting Twitter account, he actually want to change things. BUT, it’s always when the opinion changes among the Swedish public. He’s never first, just follows.

Then we have the dark horses, people I actually will love if they get elected cause it will put the Socialdemocrats under 10% for sure. Veronica Palm, Annika Strandhäll and Morgan Johansson. So please pick one of those three.

But for now, welcome to a new day and even new week. For me it’s back to normal with all colleagues and managers in place again.


Funny weekend

Yesterday, ready to go to the Marais I only came too St Lazar, there a few Metro lines where closed so I decided to exit from a Metro entrance I never tried before, and surprise… Ended up in front of St Augustin church, a place I pass by bike daily on my way home.

So, I had dinner and a few drinks before ending the evening in the calm environment of my own home. Nice.

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to buy a small btl of white wine, it’s still not opened, let’s see next Friday… Home after a work day, then workout I think half a bottle will send me to bed early.

So now I will return to my Sunday panic mood.

Take care