Rain in the morning is hell when you try to not go by Metro to work. Bike home in the afternoon is OK, who cares if you drippin’ wet arriving home? But to work?

So the options? Raining, yes, I give up and take the Metro, something that makes my day around 60 minutes longer and fu** up the evenings work out and must do (like pharmacy, groceries, laundry). If just stopped to rain or rain is in the air I put on the raincoat and go. Sound like a good and sane idea?

To bike in a raincoat is like putting a exercise bike in a sauna. When arriving to work your shirt is more or less related to a t-shirt in a wet t-shirt contest. I also developed, since I started to work out, the unfortune to sweat on my arse, so with the right kind of pants it looks like I wet myself. Fresh? Not at all, also the reason why on warm days make salt lines on the sofa. It’s a huge mon Dieu on that one.

So I can only put the AC at work on HIGH and hope to dry off before my colleagues arrive – if not specific meetings planned will most likely be around 2 hours from me arriving.


(Rumors at work is toxic.)