TGIF – Friday 29th of October

Good start of the Friday, hit the objectives in the gym and got back home, open the computer and… There are days and there are days – today is one of those days.

And with that in my mind I kind of see the weight in today. The question is not IF I gained any kilos this week, more how many kilos I gained this week. We know at 17h00. But fact is I have not been able to workout in full since I do it in the morning now and for some reason I must go to work in the morning. And I only did one day with a second workout after work. To balance the shorter workout mornings I need to do at least two 30 minute extra.

I also kind of completely ignored the diet this week.

Covid? Promised no more weekly updates, but now when the new cases is up again in France I add a few days here

TGIF, at least try too – Björn

Finally I’m with dog

Yes, I bought my Poodle! No walks needed (even if walks is one of the good things with owning a dog), or you can also say that I bought one more silly thing back home to dust… Or one more silly thing brought back to an already, with gadgets and decorations, overcrowded home.

In any case the fake Montgomery is there.

Talking home, I now for sure the downside with working out!!! Your home start too degenerate, cause the hours normally spent dusting, vacuum and polish is now spent on a treadmill and finally back home cleaning is not even on the agenda.

So seriously… I find my living room table to be an inventory of empty boxes, envelopes, PET bottles etc. Nightmare. Really need a rainy, can’t do anything outside, weekend. Maybe the upcoming since we will finally go back to normal time AND it’s a national holiday in the beginning of next week.

With some rain on top of that I might even oil some floors and finally take, and this time send, photos of the kitchen work top which is in a desperate need of an update. And how is it possible, in the first place, to make a kitchen top out of wood? It’s bound to decay at some point. Even if you sand and oil it now and then (I have not done that).

A see, weekend plans if it rains. Maybe a trip to IKEA as well to buy new sofa covers, or actually not do that… Look for a new sofa instead, but then I will look elsewhere, not IKEA.

Take care


“8 Rue de l’Humanite”

“Stuck together” or the French original title “8 Rue de l’Humanite” is now on Netflix and what to say? For Eurovision fans you find Tom Leeb, and a group of other famous French actors, or not famous as well.

And why am I pushing for it? Is it that good? Not really, but it is 90 minutes of family entertainment. You have jokes for grown ups, slap stick for kids etc etc.

It is a small bagatelle worth watching when your Netflix alternatives is no more – and I’m there right now. Seriously seen everything that interest me the slightest.

Another thing! I finally downloaded Amanda Lears new album, released on the 22nd of October 2021, “Tuberose”.

“Tuberose” Amanda Lear, album 2021. Album cover photo.

When I bought my first Amanda Lear album in 1977 (or.. bought? I needed to put it on my Christmas list, and Santa listened even if the top less poster inside was a bit too much according to some people), who would even think that in 2021 she still release records. In this case, no, not another Disco one, this is very lounge, and very still. Very nice to be honest, even if it’s not a song you put on at your next party. The day after the party though…, morning, coffee, wrapped in a warm fluffy cosy robe and let Amanda take care of your hangover. And the album cover is amazing.

All for today


I don’t know what to write today

I am in the Matrix, or a parallel universe… And just think, stay out of it, stay out of it.

At the moment the drama in the Facebook group “Svenskar i Paris” (Swedes in Paris), a group where members help each other out with info, how to navigate French red tape etc etc. Without this group I would most likely be living under a bridge somewhere.

This amazing group, with its two founders, accepted a third admin of the group and as an admin he blocked the other two and working his little behind off to make money on the group.

All people protesting is kicked out. And as the cherry on top, he don’t even live in Paris, but is some kind of green activist living in Malmö / Sweden.

It’s a “world war” in a Facebook group…

Not the only war going on around me at the moment, but that is another story.



Yes, yesterday just kept on delivering all kind of shit ending with the news that CDON bought Discshop – not a word about it before so I had a chance to buy some DVDs I kind of waited too buy. And CDON is a shit company, and do not deliver outside Scandinavia. So it will be tough to get Swedish movies on DVD now.

With that in mind, have nice weekend now


First Metro trip in a month

Serious, to make this day work it’s a puzzle of time, tasks and transport to take into account, and of course we add some shit weather to it all. Why not? It just show the world that Eeyore (Ior) not depressed, he is only objective and see the world as it is.

But back into the Metro for a day then. Why? I need time to go back home before lunch so I can workout during lunch, and be ready to participate in a “end of the day” meeting. Add that it’s storm outside so to use the bike is not an option, the wind kind of push you over and into the traffic, insane.

But at the moment life is telling me to just stay in bed and never leave it. Just what Eeyore stand for, again, when things turn to something amazing the pendulum swings back to the dark side with some added force. And in all this there still is people out in the world thinking positive. Be realistic, if what is good in your life reach a +8, the “swing back” will be -8.1, it’s how a pendulum and life work.

So there is where I am today, the 2021 10 21 – and by the way… French daily new Covid cases is going up again – why not?