TGIF 8 October 2021

First of all, have a nice Friday… Just like I know, you all know, a weekend is a very short happening… But the only joy we have.

Today I did my workout in the morning, perfect when it’s possible, but it’s now a fact… Cardio people like mornings, the muscle builders don’t. As you can see in the picture of the day, the muscle makers is missing in the early hours and everywhere when you go to the gym in the afternoons.

Now the time is 09h45 and already 14.802 steps and 12.6 km – ok I must say. Unfortunately it’s also Friday, weight day, and after last weeks huge weight loss I expect it to go up today, hopefully not more than 50% of what I lost last week. But I have eaten to much bread this week, and cinnamon rolls at the Cinnamon roll day. So it won’t be fun to be honest.

Also today, blood tests before next weeks 6 month check up, and when I get the results, if the results not better I think I give up… Now I have lost weight, workout (408 days in a row) something must have changed in the test results.

But we will see.

And I will give the last France Covid update tomorrow, it’s time to go fram daily updates to only post if there is a huge change.

TGIF, take care