Office is now a math lesson. For us born in the 60s, and in Sweden, the math was called “Hej! Matematik” (Hello! Mathematic), and focused on “mängdlära”, according to Google “Set theory”. If Google is correct or not I have no idea but office work in France the year 2022 is like stepping back in time and start to think like back in the days.

10 people in a room, each working space includes 2 people, each person is allowed to be in the office space 1 to 2 days a week. Best scenario only one person at the time at the work station and no more than 50% of the staff in place at the same time.

When can person 2 and 7 be at work on the same day? And so on…

Talking Step back in time, first… No you can’t say step back in time without a shoutout for Kylie Minogue, but when it’s done I can focus on the fact that I must change hairstyle, and was thinking of going back a few years and (9 years to be honest) and shorten it a bit…


9 years ago hairstyle

Even better of course is to find a stylist that come up with new ideas and don’t care a fuck about what I want. But just like Sweden, French hairstylists just do the same haircut you already have if you say: “Do what you want”, only no go zones is: Completely shaved and if coloring the color must be found as a normal color in hair. So no blue, green, pink etc.

But they do not dare… I can’t understand why? Must be like Christmas to a hairstylist to hear that. At the end, hair always grows back so no biggy if you look like shit for a while. Especially now when the expiration date pasted with around 10 years.

We will see… Either it will be “same, same” or as the photo above or with some luck… Finding a stylist who, as my old one, don’t care at all what I want.