Singles inferno (Netflix)

So, one show I ended the pasted weekend was the “Singles Inferno”, some kind of dating show from South Korea, and I will most likely sound like a huge piece of shit now but are they pulling our legs?

First, and this is of course not a choice, it’s biology, but when the guys and girls on the Inferno island I can’t see who is who, they look 100% the same. The girls more than the guys cause they are all nipped and tucked and look 100% the same.

Next thing is that one of the girls is the most unpleasant person ever, and all the guys try to date her? Why?

I won’t say she looks like a troll, but she is seriously the less attractive girl on the island, mean and spoiled as hell and the guys talk about her like she is the best thing since ice cream. Korean ideals is very very different from ours for sure. Both what beauty is as well as how a nice person behaves.

The guys then, what makes me most surprised there is that he who look like he is 12 years old is the oldest one… what is that about?

OK enough about that, so do not forget:

The reason for boosters is that the batteries in the chip only last for 4 months