TGIF – and it shows

Plan for the weekend… Finally have a chance to take my half Friday off that’s been cancelled a few weeks now, haircut, walk home in the sunny spring weather, celebrate “Valborg” tomorrow at the Swedish Student home and use the bike as much as possible.

So, TGIF is here and it has not started to rain yet… But let us say it will, soon, and if it rain tomorrow during one of the Swedish outdoor holidays, why even bother?



But it’s also 13 years ago since this:

Take care now, and I hope TGIF is better and more hopeful somewhere else in the world.


French Rush Hour

Just take a look at the picture, this is Ligne 13 in Rush hour, normal situation is that people have to wait two three trains before they even can enter into the train, now, today, all of a sudden more or less empty… When it happens it’s like… “What? Is it a public holiday I missed out on?” or “Is it Saturday and I forgot?”.

I think I will turn it around the other way though, and think I have vacation and just go somewhere and act 100% surprised when colleagues asked where the “F” I’ve been….

What? Me? Vacation by mistake?

Some music posts as well:

Most played songs this week on my Spotify – April 2022
Most played artists on my Spotify this week, April 2022

Take care, and try to remember it’s only 24 hours a day and only around 8 of them are marked for work, even if 10 different people ask you to do reports on 25 different things, you won’t be able to meet the deadlines anyway so “Middle Finger”!!!!


Learn as long as live…

Today’s post is about the fact that Eeyoreism actually is the only thread in life you need to live by. It’s amazing it’s not a real religion, or at least a obscure new age thing.

First, happy to finally get the 2022 Eurovision zip hoodie and then the facts of Eeyore hit you… They sent the wrong hoodie. No zip, another logo and another color. And a hoodie without a zipper is not a good look on someone abnormally obese.

And of course there is a string of stuff you need to do to send it back so at the end it’s 100% easier to keep it and order a new one. Believe me that webstores count on it.

You also learn, day by day and with Eeyore wisdom that it is impossible to get rid of the “meetings supposed to be an email”. It is a fun meme, been there for years, but it is actually true. Instead of 3 minutes writing an email you are called to a 2 hour meeting – it’s insane.

That said,

Have a nice day and “Our father who are in heaven, Eeyore be thy name”


Forever young

Alphaville, Forever young, cover Special dance version

Hit me again yesterday how different we all look at age and the conflict inside your own body growing older. First of all, thank you all who refer to me as middle aged, SO wrong my dears. If I was middle aged right now I would walk around actually believing that I can reach 116 years before I lay down forever.

Middle aged today is around 35-40 in most cases. But tell a 35 year old he or she is Middle aged and a fist might date your face.

Also, mainly colleagues, even if they know my real age treat this old body like it was in the span of years I refer to as Middle aged above. And I’m not. I am in the age where I soon can speak my mind and start that speech with “I am to old for this, so I will be frank”, or “No, we have always done it this way” and keep on finishing a task the “old way”.

So you are in one age, inside feel the same as in 1984 and people around you know you are shit old but treat you like it’s 2004 and the body tells you “stop! It’s 2044 – and you know your body lies but actually the body might be wrong, but how your body feels… The body tells the truth.

Well, now I will try to stand up without making a sound and then limp to the coffee machine.

Have a nice day


M. Macron 5 more years

But, right now, let us not say anything… Cause everything depends on the elections in June. Which support will the President get? Left? Right? Liberal? Clear is that Le Pen, even if not winning, did a better election result this time than 5 years ago, but we also have the crazy leftwing Mêlenchon, someone who no one that have job don’t want to be in any power at all… And of course the younger people, you are always left when you are young until you see what life is about.


Viva Scandinavia and Luxembourg. Kaffe, Coffee, cafè

TGIF week 16 2022

Can’t add much more this week, yesterday was not as fun as previous days, but after one blood pressure increasing happening I slowed done and at the end of the day all was fine.

On the other hand I have this strange cold going on, or allergy. No fever etc but breathing feels like someone forced a piece of ember down my throat, it fu**ing hurt.

Enjoy you Friday and weekend now. I will stay inside most of the weekend and make sure this respiratory thing heal until next week.


For you who not believe in UFOs 🙂

So far, so Good

It’s been a pretty awesome work week to be honest, rested, doing the stuff I like with my job and the hours just “swoosched” away, enough that I did not notice I worked too late last Tuesday.

And I forgot about the debate yesterday between Macron and Le Pen, or forgot… It started 21h00, who is awake then? Not me.

The legs start to feel OK as well so hopefully I can go all in again with the workouts next week. But I wonder how many kg I gained cause of this “do the workout but slow and careful”. I guess 2.5 kg up. It feels like it anyway.

See ya! / Björn

Best design I ever seen when it comes to chairs

My private election campaign

As you all know by now France is only days away from re-elect Macron, and tonight is the big debate. Translated into English on France 24 if you want to watch them scream racist or leftie to each other.

And I’m pretty sure neither of them will bring up the big issues in France, so to remind them here are my private campaign, and the candidate who will fix the most of them is the one I will tell all my friends to vote for.

  • A law against, preferably with deportation from the country as the final verdict, keeping backpacks on entering metro, buses, trains, trams etc etc.
  • Let kids in French school learn that France drive on the right side of the street, so as a pedestrian you should also walk on the right side of the pavement. That way no one will walk into someone else.
  • Scooters are as big as a moped, if not folded up. If folded half a moped. And made to ride on, outside! So WTF do you bring it on the Metro for? Just OUT.
  • The sneak increase of the price on Perrier, a threat to the stability in the nation to be honest. And if you buy more than 6 bottles the store should by law carry it home for you.
  • Explain, at an early age, to French speaking countries that the body type “stocky” not the same as “fat”, and the opposite with the body type “large” don’t mean tall. So if you going to date someone who say he is tall and stocky he/she/it can’t turn up as a overweight gnoom.
  • Classify electric bikes with mopeds and motorcycles, electric bikes have nothing to do in the bike lanes.

So Marine and Emmanuel, which one of you will implement the above and promise to do that find a free campaign worker for you to win on Sunday.

Leaving that for while, my nowdays world famous colleague wanted do buy suede shoes and sent a few pictures of loafers, with and without tassels. After joking for a while about the absurd in buying suede shoes when you live in central Europe, rain rain rain, i recommended the shoes to be tassel less, why buy with tassel when you at the end need to cut the tassels off.

The result is now in…

Loafers in suede but without tassles


Easter life in Paris

Have no idea what to say about this weekend. First of all I am completely on the edge of taking a 3 week vacation, Conferences or no Conferences… I do not care. I am in need of one. This weekend I slept away more or less every “waken” hour. Not until Monday I felt 100% myself again.

And when feeling OK of course something else happens. This time on the treadmill on Monday. Have you tried to limp yourself through a 90 minute workout on a treadmill? Now I have… Knees, hip and leg, all kind of joined forces and said: -No Mr, you won’t be able to this today.

In any case, lower speed and unfortunately less calories burned i managed 90 minutes and to almost hit the target I took a walk in the afternoon. The result?

You really can’t make this shit up… 3 more steps and over 20.000. Note again: 3 more steps, THREE!!

Also the Presidential race is ongoing and the big day is on Sunday this week. But I can’t say it feel much as a election year… It will of course be a result we all expect, People will vote against Le Pen, not for Macron when they cast their votes on Macron. But at least he do his best. According to the International “France 24” he want to attract younger voters with this Picture (tell me if it is a smart way to go):

Just a question, would a picture of an unbutton Le Pen been received as a “She want to attract young voters?” – don’t think so

In any case, a unbuttoned Macron is most likely not to attract young voters, more the retired ones if we follow his taste in people he might undress for.

And then of course the riots in Sweden. Just show how sick my old home country is today. And yes, it started before I left but I have not been away for 20 years, but the country is now so damaged by the wish to be woke and best in class that do I really want to move back someday?

So was the long Easter weekend, or shall we call it “Picture weekend”, since Easter seems to be a word Swedes not allowed to use anymore.



Yes, and what a Friday… Day off, blame the Swedish easter traditions even if visiting the dentist not one of them.

Plan was a night in the town and as always when I have the time to do so I drop dead in the sofa in the evening and fall to sleep missing the tv show that’s on. Hate my life… not really, days off is nice, resting.

Polished the kitchen, and will do the bathroom tomorrow.

Kilos? up, 0,2 after a week of candy candy candy