It seems like the pollen this year is extra truculent… Or if it is a normal development to more or less been inside for 2 years and for that reason not been exposed to pollen as during a normal year. In any case, it is awful mornings, hard to breathe at the gym to get a bit better over the day and start again in the evening. And without any care in the world mother nature also decided to make people with allergy a little bit more stupid than normal, a tad more idiot with occasional drooling moments. Sexy as hell.

Talking idiots. We still have “mask on”, when you travel by bus, metro etc here in Paris. And without pointing anyone out, if I could take a photo of everyone not wearing a mask, I promise you will se that 95% of them comes from the same geographical background. Seriously, why? How hard can it be? And since most of them have their mask pulled down, it’s not a “I forgot the bring one” situation going on.

And why RATP staff don’t bring masks with them and actually, by offering a mask to these people, tell them in a nice way to mask-up is beyond my imagination. A wild guess is that it is the same group of people who can’t control their temper.

With this complaint post I rest my case for the day.