ESC week start today

So now it’s time for the ESC week and after studying the photos from the red carpet (in the world of Eurovision the Turqouise carpet) event yesterday I can only say that fashion is not what fashion was. Among all “normal” dresses and suits there was the over camp guy from Israel, the nude trend was proudly introduced also to Eurovision by Sweden arriving in a bikini and a transparent dress, Albania went 100% over the top and Malta did not exactly go Maltese in her choice of dress. More Roman/Greek.

But what the Italians are doing is…. I don’t know, what is their message, apart from sounding like a warning signal when singing “Brividi”? Both looks like they are 5 minutes from announcing their non-binary status, and going back to Israel… He is 1 cm from a circumcision gone wrong and turn into Dana International pt. II.

Huge surprise though, this years so called bad boy from San Marino. He looked kind of “normal” and to my surprise even hunky in his suit. Something Australia did not, he fought so hard to be a “Billy Porter”.

Pictures from the freak show can be found HERE

PDF Semi 1 will be published tomorrow