So, on our way

What can be said about Eurovision Song Contest 2022 so far? Beside the fact that the worst semifinal this year is over, the one tomorrow kind of hold all good songs that’s not one of the big 5… While yesterday presented 17 songs where it was hard to find 10 I even wanted to pass to the final. So much better then when some songs actually turned out to be little gems live.

Lithuania raised to be much higher on my personal ranking on Saturday together with Portugal and Iceland. All three came out from the first semifinal with their dignity intact. Can’t say the same for Albania who I actually liked after their revamp and were 100% certain to pass to the final. But seriously? What was that? She managed to kill the song with one of the worst performances in Eurovision history. And of course the ESC fanbase (mainly the Balkan part of it) exploded in conspiracy theories – as if they did not see the disaster on stage. Many of the fans think the jury killed Albanias song this year, I am not so sure she did well with the televote either. Will be really interesting to take a look at the full results when they are out on Sunday.

And I am sure the Barbara Dex reward is already earned and will find a home in Albania, in a tough competition with Ukraine and Moldova.

Also Croatia abused the stage by being this years Kate Ryan entry, meaning to much weird stuff happening on stage at the same time. At least one song each year fail cause of the “Kate Ryan” factor.

Happy to see Switzerland passing through. I guess it might be thanks to the juries (I am so happy there is 50% jury) not the televotes. While I am sure France tele-voted for Lithuania and Portugal yesterday, and of course Ukraine out of pity.

Also to finally see Diodato on stage after the cancelled Eurovision 2020, and hear his “Fai Rumore” just made me go “wow”. So sure he would have won after seeing that. Perfection.

So now we can look forward to Thursdays semifinal number 2 with Il Volo on stage… Love love love (even if their last album was a disapointment).