Semi 2

Not as many changes in my ranking yesterday than during semi 1, Sweden went on and I put Belgium at the top of my list yesterday. The yo-yo entry… I love it some days and skip it some days.

I was surprised that all three “boy ballads” went through, Australia, Azerbaijan and Poland that is. One might have been OK, but all three snoozers? And I had hoped Ireland and Cyprus would have passed instead.

But less surprises, and Im thrilled that Romania is in the finals, I still love it, I know it’s awful but can’t stop loving it.

Israel had a rough night. So confident to pass and then fail, ended up in tears. I just hope they release the revamped version as well, cause it is better than the original recording. But they did not do it with Dana Internationals “Ding Dong” so not much hope there.

Now we clear the mind and look at the songs in a new fresh way, presented here tomorrow.